Sunday, May 31, 2009

Presidential Watch Sunday An Unprecedented Look At The Presidency

Presidential Watch Sunday
An Unprecedented Look At The Presidency

"Elegance knows no pain." –Morley Safer

Welcome to the third installment of Presidential Watch Sunday. I would like to thank the White House and Pete Souza (The Official White House Photographer) for giving us unprecedented access to photos of the United States Presidency.

This first shot was taken on March 25, 2009 during the Domestic Policy Council Meeting in the Oval Office. President Obama is a huge sportsman in terms of spectating with professional teams as well as participating himself.

Tip: Click on images to see much more detail:

This next photo of President Obama shows off Pete Souza's great artistic talent as he takes the photo of the President's reflection in the window with the beautiful winter background.

This next shot taken on January 27, 2009 of President Obama with his Legislative Affairs Director, Phil Shiliro as they leave to go to the U.S. Capitol to meet with Republican members of Congress.

President Obama runs with his new family dog, Bo down the East Colonnade on the dog's initial visit to the White House on March 15, 2009.

President Obama is seen below on April 8, 2009 as he walks down the stairs of Air Force One upon his arrival to Andrews Air Force Base upon returning from Baghdad, Iraq.

This next shot is fascinating. President Obama is seen practicing his golf swing at an outdoor hold prior to attending an event at the Miguel Contreras Learning Center, located in Los Angeles, California on March 19, 2009.

The following video of President Obama is really interesting and it shows President Obama going out to get some burgers in Washington D.C. with Brian Williams who was interviewing him that day, and you see Brain Williams of NBC appear briefly, and Brian is wearing a Rolex Daytona.

I think one of the appealing characteristics of President Obama is that he even though he is the President, he seems extremely down to earth and unpretentious.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Spy Saturday Returns (Kinda) Season 1 [Episode 7 : Danny Was A Million Laughs]

I Spy Saturday Returns (Kinda)
Season 1 [Episode 7 : Danny Was A Million Laughs]
Original Air Date: October 27, 1965

There is a great difference between knowledge and understanding. You can know a lot about something without understanding it. –Charles Kettering

So, here is the deal: I stopped publishing I Spy Saturday, a few weeks ago because I thought some of the episodes were so bad, that they were unwatchable and I did not want to subject, you (my readers) to them.

Just out of curiosity and for historical sake–to make certain I leave no stone unturned–I still watch them on Saturday anyway, hoping the show will get better, hoping for some cool Rolex screen captures and hoping to gain more historical insight.

I decided to bring I Spy back because this episode is alright and there are some cool Rolex shots. Also, Bill Cosby is pretty funny–plus I kinda missed our favorite Rolex Spies. I mean, two cool, mod dudes, both wearing vintage GMT Pepsi watches!!!

I know I Spy is kind or campy, kitchy and stupid, kind of like the original Batman TV series, but for some reason I like it...I am hoping as they move away from Hong Kong and get more familiar with their roles that they get better...Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Rolex Coolness: Daniel Craig...

Rolex Coolness: Daniel Craig
James Bond Daytona ;-)

Daniel Craig is the current James Bond but in his private life he wears Rolex watches and I believe in this photo he is wearing a vintage Big Red Panda, Rolex Daytona [Reference 6263]

Friday, May 29, 2009

Flipper Friday Season 1 [Episode 6: Dolphin For Sale]

Flipper Friday
Season 1 [Episode 6: Dolphin For Sale]
Original Air Date: October 24, 1964

In this episode of Flipper Friday I would say we definately have a 100% Positive ID (Short of a dial shot, which I hope to find in the future) on Porter Ricks Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner which appears to be a Reference 5512 or 5513.

I also noticed the other Warden who Porter Ricks has a conversation with has the same uniform and he is also wearing a stainless steel Rolex Submariner. Pretty cool that it was standard issue.

Sandy Submariner

I was watching the episode of Flipper from last week again, and I was tripping on Sandy's watch. At first, I assumed it was not a Submariner because it is not on an Oyster bracelet, and it seems smaller, but when I took a closer look, it appears to be an older 37mm No Crown Guard, Rolex Submariner. I also think I remember seeing a photo from a later season of Sandy wearing a Submariner on an Oyster bracelet.

When we zoom in and look closer, it seems to have all the characteristics of an older, and smaller Rolex Submariner. What do you think?

It appears the watch has a cyclops date lens at 3pm, but I believe that is just a drop of water since he just got out of the water. There also appears to be a drop of water at 12.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rolex Submariner Next To The New DEEP-SEA...

Side by Side Comparison
Rolex Submariner Next To The New DEEP-SEA

SixGrand took this comparison shot of the new 43mm DEEP-SEA Sea Dweller next to the standard Submariner, to compare the different thicknesses.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exotic Dial "Paul Newman" Daytona...

Exotic Dial "Paul Newman" Daytona

Roberto from Italy took this stunning shot of his stainless steel Rolex Daytona with the pushbutton chronograph buttons. This watch is a real stunner!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Original GMT Master Coke From Stefano Mazzariol...

Nothing Like The Real Thing
Original GMT Master Coke From
Stefano Mazzariol

I guess today ended up being Vintage Rolex Monday, which may be a good idea!?! What better way to start your week off than with some cool vintage Rolex shots!?!

My pal, Stefano from Italy sent in this stunning photo of an original GMT with the translucent clear, see through bezel. We looked at a similar GMT Reference 6542 from the 1950s last Thursday, and you if you go back to the post, you can see what one of these bezels look like up really close.

I believe this watch is all original and notice the red date and that the 24-hour hand has a tiny arrow and the lack of a depth designation on the rail dial. Also notice the way the Jubilee bracelet attaches to the watch without full springbar and lug coverage as well as the lack of crown guards.

Thanks for sharing this great image Stefano!!!

Wrist Shot of the Day: Superdome Submariner...

Superdome Submariner

Alejandro took this great shot of his Rolex Submariner [Reference 5513] with the Superdome acrylic crystal. I have to say that one of the most intriguing and confusing vintage Rolex watches for me to understand are the Rolex Submariner 5512, 5513, 5514 and 5517, particularly when it comes to the acrylic crystals.

The Dividing Line Of Distinction
Between a vintage Rolex and a modern Rolex

Many would argue the dividing line between a vintage Rolex and modern Rolex is whether the crystal is Acrylic (Vintage) or Synthetic Sapphire (Modern). One thing is for certain, and that is the acrylic crystal Rolex watches have a definite and distinctly different aesthetic and vintage vibe.

For almost 25 years, I disliked the vintage acrylic crystal Rolex watches, but I must admit they have really grown on me and I really like them now. I have said many times, that often I have to hate something before I can love it. I don't know why life is that way, but that seems to be the way it works ;-)

The 551x series was the first model line of Rolex Submariner watches that were the larger 40mm. All the Submariner watches before the 551x series, like the Reference 6200, 6204, 6205, 6536, 6538, had no crown guards and were 37mm. In 1958 Rolex introduced the 5508 and 5510 that grew 1mm to 38mm, but still lacked crown guards.

To the best of my understanding, Rolex began making the 5512 in 1959, but it did not have the COSC designation on the dial for the first few years. Rolex made the 5512 until 1966, and then replaced it with the Reference 1680 in 1966, which ran until 1981. The key difference between the 5512 and 1680 was that the 1680 was the first Rolex Submariner that had a date–and the only Submariner to have a RED Submariner designation on the dial. The RED designation on the dial was rare and most were white and that is what makes the RED designation Reference 1680 rare.

Rolex started making the 5513, which never had a COSC designation, from 1962 to 1989. The difference between the 5513 and 5512 is that the 5512 was a Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer (COSC) and the 5513 was not. Externally they looked almost identical with the exception of the third and fourth line COSC designation on the 5512, but on the inside the movements were different. The 5513 (Non COSC) has one of those old-fashioned, adjustable on the movement levers, for fine-tuning the "+" and "–" of the speed at which the movement ran.

The 5512 (COSC) had the adjustable weights on the balance wheel to fine tune the precision of the accuracy of the timing. Sorry if your head is spinning, mine is to!!!

Back to the Crystals, I am confused because I have seen three different crystals on the 5512 and 5513. I have seen a flat raised one, a domed one that is also raised and the rarest which is called a Superdome. I believe the Superdome is pictured above. If anybody wants to help clarify this, please send me an email to or post in the comment section of this story.

BTW, A 5514 is a 5512 Submariner with a helium release valve and they are very rare. The 5517 Submariner was a Military Submariner made only for the British Royal Navy and to confuse things even further, Rolex also made a 5513 Milsub.

The other interesting fact is that Rolex started selling the first Rolex Submariner with a date and synthetic sapphire crystal in 1981 which replaced the 1680, but they sold the 5513 as the non-date Submariner alongside it until 1989. I remember when I bought my first Rolex Submariner [Reference 16800] in 1982 with the synthetic sapphire crystal, thinking it looked so much more refined than the 5513. Now I like simplicity of the 5513 better in many ways.

One of these days, I will write a definitive story with photos showing the evolution of the Rolex Submariner, model by model, as well as for the GMT, Daytona, Explorer, Datejust, Day-Date and Milgauss.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Presidential Watch Sunday: An Unprecedented Look At The Presidency ...

Presidential Watch Sunday
An Unprecedented Look At The Presidency

History never looks like history when you are living through it. –John Gardner

Welcome to the second installment of Presidential Watch Sunday. I would like to thank the White House and Pete Souza (The Official White House Photographer) for giving us unprecedented access to photos of the United States Presidency.

This first shot was taken on the White House lawn of President Obama running away from the family dog, named Bo, while he is taking a break from meetings–on the South Lawn of the White House on May 12, 2009.

Tip: I highly recommend clicking on each image to see all the great detail

The next two photos were taken on April 7, 2009 during a visit by President Obama to Camp Victory in Iraq.

This photo above is of President Obama receiving a fist-bump from a United States soldier while he greets hundreds of United States soldiers during his April 7, 2009 visit to Camp Victory in Iraq.

This next shot was taken of Marine One as it sets down at Winfield House in London, England on March 31, 2009 with President Obama and the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

U.S. President Obama is being welcomed to 10 Downing Street in London by British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown on April 1, 2009.

President Obama chats with Tonight Show host, Jay Leno off-set in Burbank, California on March 19, 2009.

You can watch Jay Leno interview President Oboma by clicking the play button below:

President Obama observes a portrait of former U.S. President, John F. Kennedy on a tour of the State Floor of the White House on January 24, 2009. Of course, that is the White House Red Room on the left side of the photograph.

Wrist Shot of the Month: New Gold Dream Supercase Submariner...

Introducing The First In-The-Wild Photos Of
The All-New Yellow Gold ROLEX Supercase Submariner
From le port de Beaulieu

Summer has arrived in the northern hemisphere and my pal, Francesco (who lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco) took this photo of his new yellow gold Rolex Submariner Supercase with the ceramic bezel.

This is the first photo I have seen of the all-new yellow gold Supercase Submariner with the blue ceramic bezel and matching blue dial in-the-wild. [In-the-wild meaning not a Rolex publicity shot, or a Basel photo, but an actual watch on a persons wrist who bought the watch.]

This all-new Rolex submariner is different in many ways. First, it has the fatter Supercase; it has a ceramic bezel with yellow-gold inlaid numbers and markers on the ceramic bezel. It also has the fatter hour hand and MAXI Markers. The Rolex Oyster clasp also has the new easy-glide feature, which allows you to micro-adjust the size of the bracelet without even having to take off the bracelet.

Francesco took this superb shot from le port de Beaulieu (cote azure) France. Thanks for sharing your great shot with us Francesco!!!! [Francesco mentioned he is taking some more photos of his Yellow Gold Supercase Submariner, and as soon as he sends them in, I will put them up!!!]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rolex Hotness: Jennifer Aniston...

Rolex Hotness: Jennifer Aniston
Stainless Steel Datejust

What Makes A Fine Watch Video...

What Makes A Fine Watch Fine?

Last week we looked at a video about how a watch works from the Hamilton Watch Company that was shot in 1949. This fascinating video appeared two years earlier in 1947. As I mentioned last week, the United States used to be a big watch producer up until World War II.

Friday, May 22, 2009 Congratulates Roger Federer... Congratulates Roger Federer
Madrid Masters Winner has a great image on their website congratulation tennis superstar and Rolex spokesman, Roger Federer for his win at the Madrid Masters in Spain played at the Magic Box.

Roger Federer who is from Switzerland, won in the final match against Spain born, Rafeal Nadal. Roger Federer appears to be wearing a stainless steel Rolex Milgauss GV as he accepts the award.

This was a big win for Federer as he prepares to continue on to the French Open in Paris which is coming up. You can watch the highlights of the 2009 Madrid Masters in the video below:

Flipper Friday Season 1 [Episode 5: City Boy]

Flipper Friday
Season 1 [Episode 5: City Boy]
Original Air Date: October 17, 1964

In this episode of Flipper Friday it definitely appears that Porter Ricks is wearing his stainless steel Rolex Submariner again.

In the close-up screen capture below I think we have our first positive ID or close to it. My best guess is that Porter Ricks is wearing a Rolex Submariner Reference 5512 because I think I can see four lines on the bottom of the watch.

This is just my best guess, but when I zoom in Photoshop, it sure looks like a like a confirmation to me. I assume, and hope we will eventually get a close enough shot to positively confirm with 100% certainty that Porter Ricks is wearing a Rolex Submariner, although, at this point I would say there is a 99.8% chance.

I guess this means Porter Ricks suffers from WISitus!?! Pretty Cool!!!

Last week I mentioned that if you were a kid in 1964 actually watching when this episode was originally aired, it would have probably blown your mind. The whole swimming and Scuba diving with a dolphin, childhood fantasy is amazing!!! From a historical perspective, it is interesting to note that in 1964, Scuba diving was still in its infancy and many people had no idea what it was. In the shot below of Porter Ricks saving Sandy underwater, we see him apparently wearing his Submariner again.

As always you can watch the episode by clicking the play button. If you want to watch it full screen, hit the button in the upper right hand corner once the episode starts playing. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rolex Coolness: Kevin Costner...

Rolex Coolness: Kevin Costner
Academy Award Winning Director

Kevin Costner won an Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director for his 1990 movie he starred in and directed named Dances With Wolves. In 1990 he also started in the movie named Revenge which this photo came from and you can see him wearing a Rolex Submariner 16610.

Nicholas' Grand Datejust...

Nicholas' Grand Datejust

Ferrari Testa Rossa Sets $12 Million Auction Record...

Ferrari Testa Rossa Sets $12 Million Auction Record

RM Auctions and Sotheby's set a world auction record yesterday when they sold a 1957 Ferrari 250 TR for $12,156,252. Ferrari only made 21 examples of this Testa Rosa which returned to its birthplace in Maranello to set a new world price record. I thought I would share these photos with you of this fascinating car.

Go Speed Racer Go

When I look at the Ferrari Testa Rossa pictured above, I can't help but think of Speed Racer's Mach 5 which is pictured below. I think the Mach 5 must have been based on lines of the Testa Rosa. The Mach 5 looks like a Corvette Stingray and the Testa Rosa mixed into one car.

For some other reason, this Testa Rosa's paint job ironically reminds me of the Double Red Rolex Sea Dweller pictured in the post after this one–the whole black, white and sliver color combination with a touch of red.

In the photo below, the Testa Rosa reminds me of the Batmobile

The Ferrari Testa Rosa has a V-12 that produces 300 bhp at 7,200 rpm

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rolex Studio Shot of the Day: Ryan's Double Red Sea Dweller

Ryan's Double Red Sea Dweller
[Reference 1665]

Rolex Coolness: Owen Wilson GMT Pepsi

Rolex Coolness: Owen Wilson

Rolex Wrist Shot of the Day: Wesley's Day-Date Comparison

Wesley's Day-Date Comparison
Comparing a Rolex Platinum Day-Date I to a Day-Date II

Wesley from Holland said when he first saw the new 41mm Platinum Rolex Day-Date II with the ice-blue dial he fell in love with it. Wesley took side by side comparison shots of his Platinum 36mm Rolex Day-Date next to the new 41mm Day-Date II so you can see the difference side by side.