Saturday, April 27, 2024

Orange Hand Rolex Explorer II Hearst Castle Swimming Pool

Orange Hand Rolex Explorer II

Hearst Castle Swimming Pool

I visited Hearst Castle located in San Simeon, on the Central California coast and took this photo of the Rolex Explorer II "Orange Hand" in front of the stunning swimming pool.

The main outdoor swimming pool at Hearst Castle is a masterpiece of ancient Greek splendor...

Hearst Castle is located on top of a remote mountain range located on California's central coast.

Hearst Castle is a super fascinating place to visit and take tours. It's otherworldly and surrealistic in an Eagle's Hotel California kind of way...

If you take the tour of William Randolph Heart's private residence, which was located up in the top of the Hearst Castle tower, he had a private library where he would work on editing all of his newspapers and magazines.

Located outside his private library there is a Newspaper stand, where he would have his daily newspapers flown in from all over the United States as we witness in the photo below.

In this last photo we see William Randolph Hearst's Gothic style private library located at the top of the tower at Hearst Castle.