Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Rolex President Bracelet On Professional Models?


Rolex President Bracelet

On Professional Tool Watches?

On Jake's Rolex World one of the things I specialize in is separating fact from fiction. This story is a little different, in the sense we are taking a look at two famous men who wore Rolex watches and shared a Bizarre habit: They customized their Rolex Professional Models by putting a Rolex President bracelet on them. 

Just to be clear, Rolex NEVER offered this option, but somehow both of these famous men figured out a way to achieve this. The first image shows Robert Culp, who starred in the tv show, I SPY, and in the photo below discovered by Nick Gould we see him rocking his yellow gold Rolex GMT-Master on a President bracelet.

This next photo shows Paul Newman rocking his stainless steel Rolex Daytona on a white gold Rolex President Bracelet, which is definitely an interesting and unusual look...

What do you make of this? Were these Kings of Cool on to something great, like the combination of peanut-butter and jelly, or was it sacrosanct—like putting a Cadillac emblem of the front of a Mercedes-Benz?