Friday, December 07, 2018

Taking A Surprise Trip with Captain Danny

Come Fly With Me!

Taking A Surprise Trip with

Captain Danny's Daytona

Captain Danny has been writing fascinating stories for Rolex Magazine for a couple of years now.

Captain Danny is going to be taking us on a special Rolex trip next week, which, from what I understand, will be filled with some pretty fascinating surprises... so definitely stay tuned!!!

Speaking of which, Captain Crivello's photos above and below kinda remind me of this vintage 2009 Rolex GMT-Master Ad...

Captain Danny is a bit of a Rolex fanatic if you ask me. His latest edition to his collection is pictured above and below as we see he got a hold of a ceramic stainless steel Daytona.

Danny pinged me earlier today and showed me the photo below and said: "I never noticed how the blue of my BLNR matches exactly the Pan-Am blue of my wallet."

Just for frame-of-reference, Rolex has a long history with being a favorite watch of Airline Pilots as well as Test Pilots and NASA Astronauts. Rolex originally designed the GMT-Master for PAN AM pilots and navigators so it has a pedigree steeped in the air.

Below we see a classic PAN-AM vintage Rolex GMT-Master add.

In the vintage 1981 Rolex ad below we see Rolex tell General William Seawell's story.  Seawell was the CEO of PAN AM Airlines.

In the photo below we see an extremely rare PAN AM Rolex Daytona which appears courtesy of Philip. 

To keep up with Captain Danny and to be the first to learn about his surprises coming up next week be certain to follow the @RolexMagazine Twitter account. Ladies and Gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We're in for an amazing flight...