Monday, July 20, 2009

Hendri Leong From Indonesia: GMT Master II Ceramic Two-To

Hendri Leong From Indonesia
GMT Master II Ceramic Two-Tone

Hendri Leong from Indonesia sent in these great shots of himself taken at Toba Lake, Indonesia in North Sumatera sporting his favorite Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic Two-tone.

One of my favorite things with Jake's Rolex Watch Blog is knowing that people read it regularly in more than 100 countries internationally–so cool!!!!!

Hendri is the author of The Indo Dragon Arwana Book and DVD video series and you can learn more about him at or by clicking here. Hedri's books focus on exploring Dragon Fish (Arowana Fish) which is very famous in Asian countries.

Indo Dragon is the first and only Arwoana book from Indonesia and it has the best print and picture quality. The books cover Arowana farms, Arowana hobbyists, and Arowana traders in Asian countries and around the world. Hendri's DVDs are also the best DVDs that feature detailed Arowana video from Indonesia and many countries.

Hendri is extremely passionate about Dragon Fish and writes books and produces DVDs on Arowana not for the money, but for the Passion!!!

Thanks for sending in the great shots Hendri!!!