Thursday, May 14, 2020

Robin Thicke: Keeping Time With Rolex

...Rolex Coolness...

Robin Thicke
Keeping Time With Rolex

Alright! Summer is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere, and I say it's time for some upbeat, positive, happy music! Robin Thicke is one of the top recording artists of the past decade, and he is the son of actors, Alan Thicke, and Gloria Loring. Robin Thicke wears a bunch of different Rolex watches, as you can see in the photos below, and in the videos below. In this first image we see Robin Thicke sporting a yellow gold Rolex Yacht-Master with a blue sunburst dial.

Robin Thick wears a stainless steel Rolex Submariner in his hit music video named "Lost Without You", which features his wife, who he has known since they were young teenagers. 

Blurred Lines

In the photo below we see Robin Thicke (center), next to Pharrell Williams, who recorded the super mega-hit, "Blurred Lines", which is one of the most successful international smash-hit songs ever recorded in musical history!

As we see in the screen-grabs above and below, Robin Thicke wears a yellow-gold Rolex Day-Date in the Blurred Lines music Video.

Below is the official version of Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke and Pharrell. It has over 650 Million views on YouTube!!!

The video below features Robin Thicke live on The Voice in Australia, and it is an amazing performance, and we see Robin Thicke sporting his yellow gold Daytona.

Pharrell Williams is featured on Blurred Lines, and he is probably best known for his amazing mega-hit named Happy, which you can watch below.