Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is Apple Really Working On An iWatch?

...Apple Wrist Shot Of The Day...

Is Apple Working On A SmartWatch?
Fascinating Far-Reaching Implications of Silicon Valley v. Switzerland

Bloomberg reported yesterday that Apple has a 100 person team working on a smartwatch, known as an iWatch. Rolex and Apple have a lot in common, and who ever thought their paths might cross!?!

If Apple revolutionizes the wrist-watch, like they did with the iPhone, and tablet form-factors, what effect would this have on Rolex? It's hard to tell, but it looks like Apple may be working on delivering on the promise of a Dick-Tracy-like phone watch! The artist rendition below of what an Apple smartwatch might look like was created by Yrving Torrealba.

I am fascinated with the technical aspects of such a smartwatch. In particular, such a smartwatch would really kind of pick-up where quartz technology left off. Ironically, all the new Rolex watches now keep time almost as well as quartz watches, and it is a further irony that Rolex used to make quartz watches, but no longer does.

I wonder if we will ever see a Rolex smart watch? After all, Rolex is the greatest horological pioneer in history. Will Rolex pioneer, or rest on their laurels? Time will tell (pun intended ;-) 

Update: February 21, 2013. Apple was just granted a Patent for what appears to be an iWatch.