Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Happy 80th Birthday to King Harald of Norway...

Happy 80th Birthday to

King Harald of Norway
Rolex GMT-Master

Today is the 80th Birthday of King Harald of Norway. So on behalf of all the readers of Jake's Rolex World, I would like to with King Harald a happy 80th Birthday!!!  

So how did I learn it's King Harald's 80th Birthday? Morten who has been a reader of Jake's Rolex World for years now read my recently published story named, "The Complete History Of The Rolex GMT-Master", and was inspired to send in the email below:

Hello Jake,

I have enjoyed your blog for some years now, and when I read your recent story on the Rolex GMT I came to think of the most famous GMT in my country, Norway.

Our king, King Harald(Harald V) is having his Jubileum this Tuesday (21st of February) when he turns 80.

I enclosed a photo of him sporting his Rolex GMT 1675, which he has worn almost daily since it was new and the bezel has almost no pigments left...great watch on a beloved monark.

Happy birthday King Harald!

Thank you Jake for a great blog, and have a nice day.

Morten Loenning