Wednesday, September 27, 2023

The 2023 Submariner LV Brightens Up

...70-Year Anniversary...

Old vs. New LV. Photo Credit: Mr. Nice Watch.

THE NEW 2023




Captain Danny originally published this article back on June 6, 2023, and we were just talking about how we both noticed how remarkably popular it still is so I decided to share it again. —Jake

Ceramic bezels respond to light in a playful way, and sometimes it's hard to tell if the color of the ceramic itself has a brighter tone or whether it is the environment. Rolex hasn't mentioned any changes in the Submariner LV's bezel color on its website since the start of Watches & Wonders and the launch of the 2023 collection.

But a representative at Rolex in Geneva confirmed to Jake's Rolex World our suspicions: The 2023 Submariner 126610LV, known also as the Kermit or Starbucks, has a slightly brighter bezel. The change in color was first reported by Adrian Barker.

2023 Submariner LV. Photo Credit: Adrian Barker.

"Starting this year, it is another green that equips the green bezel of the Submariner," the Rolex rep told me. "A more yellow green in fact which is closer to the color we had on this model when it was introduced in 2003. The change will be effective in May." 

Rolex is bringing back the green of the original Kermit, the one released for the 50-year anniversary of the Submariner. The new ceramic bezel will mimic better the color of the aluminum bezel that was on the Kermit in 2003

In 2010, Rolex unveiled the Hulk, a Submariner with a green ceramic bezel and starburst green dial. The tone of the green on the bezel was different than the OG Kermit of 2003. In 2020, when Rolex released the Submariner 41 mm with the updated movement, it kept the Hulk's bezel for its 126610LV, or Starbucks.

Starting in May 2023, the Starbucks will sport a brighter green, a more "yellow-green" as the Rolex rep told me. The reference number will stay the same. The green will be different from the LHD GMT.

As the world got distracted by bubble OPs and emoji Day-Dates, I love when Rolex makes a subtle change without fanfare. The anniversary editions are so overdone, so trumpeted in the watch industry, it's a breath of fresh air to see Rolex make a change — albeit small — while remaining discreet about it.


Monday, September 25, 2023

...Rolex Golf Coolness... Phil Mickelson

...Rolex Golf Coolness...

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is considered to be one of the great golfers in PGA history and has been a Rolex ambassador for many years. He won the Masters 3 times and in the photo below, we see him sporting a platinum Rolex Day-Date II with a ice blue dial back in 2011.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Hannes Orange Hand Rolex Explorer: Reference 1655 on a Jubilee Bracelet

...Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day...

Hannes Orange Hand Rolex Explorer

Reference 1655 on a Jubilee Bracelet

Saturday, September 23, 2023

1968 Rolex Submariner Ad...

1968 Rolex Submariner Ad

Friday, September 22, 2023

Studio Shot Of The Day: Tropical Italian Chocolate Rolex Daytona

...Studio Shot Of The Day...

Tropical Italian Chocolate Rolex Daytona

Marlon, who lives in Roma, Italia, took this amazing photo of his Tropical dial vintage Rolex Daytona. Some vintage Rolex dials change color over many years and develop an amazing patina.

This particular Rolex Daytona, which is now 40 years old, originally had a black dial, that has faded to this beautiful shade of brown. When dials, or dial elements turn brown, they are referred to as tropical dials by collectors.

I am not 100% certain why they are called "tropical" but I think it is because in a "tropical" environment the air is moist, and the moisture in the air saturates the dial and kind of almost "rusts" the dial. It could also be because when a tropical fruit, like a banana sits in the sun for a while it turns brown.

Roberto, who is also from Italy, shared this image that matches Marlon's chocolate tropical dial Rolex Daytona, which is funny and accurate.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

...The Greatest Motorcycle Racer In The World... Rolex Super Coolness: Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi: Life of a Legend Book Cover pictured above

...The Greatest Motorcycle Racer In The World...

Rolex Super Coolness

Valentino Rossi

9 Time Moto GP World Champion

A Brilliant Career Wearing Rolex


Italian born, Valentino 'The Doctor' Rossi was born in 1979 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest Motorcycle racers in the world and in history. Some say he is the best in history. Valentino used to race for Ducati, and then went back with Yahama before retiring. In the photos below we see Valentino on his Ducati Desmodicci RR.

Italian born, Valentino Rossi is widely regarded as the greatest Motorcycle racer in the world and in history, having won 9 Moto GP World Championships. In the image below we see Valentino smoking Marc Márquez @ Sepang back on October 25, 2015. This event was highly controversial, as Valentino Rossi claimed that he was just defending himself.

You tryna' flex on me!!?! Don't be silly!!!

Commenting on the Sepand event above Valentino Rossi said: 

"You know unfortunately I lost a lot of time with Marc and in turn 14, I tried to go wide to get a better line to make him slow because he just rides to cause me some problems. Unfortunately he came to me and I think he crashed in that moment. It’s a shame because I think that in a normal race we can stay and fight with Jorge and we lost some more points. Valencia will be more difficult."

In this next photos we see Valentino Rossi sporting his Supercase Ceramic Rolex Submariner back in the day.

Valentino Rossi is pictured below with some of his pals, including Fernando Alonso, the Spanish Formula One racing driver (far left, with facial hair), and Felippe Massa, who is also a world-class formula 1 racer is located between them.

Rolex Submariner Standard @ Ducati

Not only does Valentino Rossi wear a Rolex Submariner, but many of his Ducati team member wear Rolex Submariner watches, as seen in the next two photos.

In the photo above, we see Valentino Rossi applying his bulldog stickers to his Ducati and in this next shot we get a close up of his Supercase Submariner.

In this next shot we see Valentino Rossi preparing his Ducati and we see another Ducati team member sporting a Rolex Submariner. I think it is fair to say that Rolex Submariner watches about in the world of Ducati.

Next, let's go to the track to see the magic of Valentino Rossi. These images just completely blow my mind!!!!!

Valentino Rossi Interview

Motorcycle News interviewed Valentino Rossi recently, and if you look closely, Valentino is wearing a now vintage, Red hand Explorer II. It sounds so funny to say "Red Hand Explorer II" because I am so used to saying "Orange Hand Explorer II."

In the following screen grabs you can see Valentino Rossi's Red Hand Rolex Explorer II.

Monday, September 18, 2023

1963 Rolex GMT-Master Ad

...Retro Rolex Coolness...

1963 German Rolex GMT-Master Ad

This is such a cool retro Rolex GMT-Master Ad that features a Reference 1675. It reads:

"Today in London—tomorrow in Paris—and next week in Tokyo! And he always keeps his appointments on time.  

Because the Rolex GMT-Master specifies - after your own choice - the exact time of two different places on earth. 

The Rolex GMT Master is naturally waterproof, automatic and also displays the date. It reminds you of meetings and can also be used as a chronograph.

Do it like the PAA pilots and like this successful businessman: Wear a Rolex!

We are happy to show you the latest models without obligation."


Speaking of Retro Cool, the "London, Paris, Tokyo" in the ad above reminds me of the super catchy lyrics from the New WAVE Pop Muzik song from 1979, which goes: "New York, London, Paris, Munich!!" M-Pop Muzik was one of the first songs that launched the New Wave genre in the 1980s

Pop Pop Pop Musik 
Pop Pop Pop Musik 

Pop Pop Pop Musik 
Pop Pop Pop Musik 

Radio, video 
Boogie with a suitcase 
Your livin' in a disco 
Forget about the rat race 
Let's do the milkshake, sellin' like a hotcake 
Try some buy some fee-fi-fo-fum 

Talk about, pop musik 
Talk about, pop musik 

Shoobie doobie do wop 
I wanna dedicate this 
Pop pop shoo wop 
Everybody made it 
Shoobie doobie do wop 
Infiltrate it 
Pop pop shoo wop 
Activate it 

New York, London, Paris, Munich 
Everybody talk about pop musik 
Talk about, pop musik 
Talk about, pop musik 
Pop pop pop musik
Pop pop pop musik  

Singing in the subway 
Shuffle with a shoe shine 
Fix me a molotov 
I'm on the headline 


Okay, I am wandering off the reservation again, but hey, that's what makes it Jake's Rolex World, but Pop Muzik reminded me of this other great, upbeat, dreamy New Age song which was the very first music video that was ever played on MTV when in launched back on January 8, 1980. You gotta love this song, and you gotta love the 80s!!! 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

PK Subban Montreal Canadiens Defenseman

...Rolex Super-Coolness...

PK Subban

Montreal Canadiens Defenseman

The $72 Million Man
(with A Heart To Match)

Two Tone Rolex GMT-Master

PK Subban enoyed an amazing professional NHL hockey career which began with him playing for the Montreal Canadiens, the Nashville Predators, and the New Jersey Devils. Suban began his professional hockey career in 2009, and he played 13 consecutive season until he retired in 2022. He also won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi while playing for Canada. Today he is a broadcast analyst for the NHL on the  ESPN Network.

Nadeem is a Canadian reader of Jake's Rolex World and he wrote in and said:

Dear Jake,

First, I love your blog and check it regularly to get great bits of Rolex history and learn about who wears these timepieces that you are so passionate about!

Second, as a Canadian viewer, I have noticed PK Subban (defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens) is an avid Rolex wearer, philanthropist and internet celebrity. As a great role model and one of the few black players in the NHL, I would like to suggest you watch this and see if he is worth a post on the blog :) 

I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

All the best,

PK Subban recently signed a deal with his team that will pay him $72 Million, which is very impressive. PK recently announced he would be giving a $10 Million grant to help underprivileged people in hospitals, which is the largest grant ever made from a Canadian athlete. PK is pictured below in a Canadian hospital talking with a child and her mother inspiring her to recover.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Rolex Macro Shot: GMT Coronet

...Rolex Macro Shot Of The Day...

Rolex GMT Coronet Shot by Chris B.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Rolex Oysterdate Star Dial

Stefano Mazzariol
Rolex Oysterdate Star Dial
[Reference 6066 from 1953]

This is a very rare stainless steel Rolex Star Dial Oyterdate from the early 1950s. It features a Rolex Super Oyster case and the star markers at 6 and 9 o'clock.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Complete History Of The Steve McQueen Submariner [Part 3 of 4]

The Complete History Of The Steve McQueen Submariner
[Part 3 of 4]

Amazing Career

Steve McQueen's acting career was amazing and one of his most famous and beloved movies was Papillon. In the next set of photos taken on the set of Papillon we see him sporting his trademark Rolex Submariner.

Papillon Set [1973]

The Towering Inferno [1974]

The Towering Inferno movie featured an all-star cast, that included Steve McQueen and Paul Newman as the primary stars. Steve McQueen and Paul Newman were supposed to co-star in 1969 in Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, but they could not agree on who would get top billing, so Robert Redford ended up replacing Steve McQueen.

The Towering Inferno was the next movie that ended up starring Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. Notice in the official Towering Inferno movie poster that neither star received top-billing, but they shared it.

The Towering Inferno featured an all star cast and we see them all together in the photo below. From left to right we see: Steve MqQueen, Robert Wagner, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Jennifer Jones, Fred Astaire, Paul Newman, Richard Chamberlain, Robert Vaughn, and O.J. Simpson. The music score was conducted and composed by John Williams.

San Francisco, California Skyline

Towering Inferno takes place in downtown San Francisco, in what was purported to be the tallest building in the world. I was born and raised in San Francisco, so it is neat to see all of the San Francisco scenes. In this first image below, it is remarkable to notice how little the San Francisco has changed since 1974. The two tallest buildings in the photo, were added at special effects for The Towering Inferno, and they never existed.

Steve McQueen's most famous or memorable movie that people remember today is probably Bullit, which was also shot in San Francisco. It is interesting to note that when I think of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, I typically think of Los Angeles, so it is interesting to see them in San Francisco. I lived in San Francisco in 1974 when Towering Inferno was released and I remember it being in theaters when I was a child.

This next scene pictured below shows the San Francisco skyline facing Treasure Island, which also still looks remarkably similar. That is Steve McQueen hanging on the steel cable.

Steve McQueen wore his trademark Rolex Submariner throughout the entire movie as you can see in the following set of images. We first see Steve McQueen sporting his trademark Rolex Submariner in the scene pictured below when he first shows up at the fire scene.

In 1974 Steve McQueen stared in a movie with an all-star cast named The Towering Inferno and in the publicity shot from the movie pictured below we see Steve McQueen wearing his trademark Rolex Submariner.

Of course, The Towering Inferno was an action adventure movie, and in these next shots we see Paul Newman and Steve McQueen James Bonding it up!!!

When I say "James Bonding it up" if you have ever worn a Rolex Submariner and you know what I mean, you will recognize this next pose in this image that shows Steve McQueen sporting his trademark Rolex Submariner ;-)

When I was a kid I would always get Steve McQueen and Paul Newman confused.

Looking at this photo, it is easy to understand why. Steve & Paul could be brothers.

Both men are famous Rolex watch wearers, and Steve McQueen is wearing his Trademark Rolex Submariner in this photo and this photo was also taken on the set of The Towering Inferno. We see Steve McQueen on the far left with Fay Dunaway between him and Paul Newman.

In the photo below we see Steve McQueen and Paul Newman with Barbra Streisand and Sidney Poitier. I like this photo because it looks like they are all having a great time.

The Towering Inferno movie was not the first time Steve McQueen appeared in a movie with Paul Newman. 18 years earlier, in 1956, Steve McQueen at age 25, starred with Paul Newman, who was age 30 at the time in the movie "Somebody Up There Likes Me."

The Hunter [1980]

Steve McQueen wore his Rolex Submariner 5512 in the last movie he made which was named "The Hunter" which was released in 1980.

Steve McQueen was really into racing and collecting cars and motorcycles, and toward the end of his life he lived in an airport hanger where he housed his collection of rare and collectible cars and motorcycles. In the photo below we see Steve McQueen checking out one of his very early vintage Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Steve McQueen passed away when he was only 50 years old in 1980 and to this day, he remains one of the most iconic and cool actors of all time.