Sunday, March 03, 2019

Roger Federer Celebrates 100th Career Title

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Roger Federer



Career Title

Rockin' Roger is on a roll, as he just won his 100th career singles title at the Dubai Duty Free Championship on March 2, 2019.

Roger Federer's amazing milestone is only surpassed by fellow Tennis legend Jimmy Connors who won 109 singles titles in his career. 

Also, in women's tennis, Martina Navratilova won 167 singles titles in the Open Era which began in 1968. Also, Chris Evert won 154 singles titles, and Steffi Graf is at 107.

Roger's 100 titles break down as follows: Roger has won 69 hard-court titles, which is the highest number in the Open Era. He won 20 Grand Slam titles which is the highest number in history to be won by a male. Roger also won 18 grass-court titles, which is also the greatest to be won by a male in the Open Era. 

Lady Gaga Explains Going Goo-Goo over Bradley Cooper

Lady Gaga

Explains Going Goo-Goo over Bradley Cooper

Tudor Watch Ambassador Lady Gaga recently went on Jimmy Kimmel and shared the truth about her command performance with Bradley Cooper that I covered last week.

International Space Station: The World Below

International Space Station (ISS)

The World Below

I am fascinated with Earth, and some of the best views come from the International Space Station as it hovers outside of Earth's orbit between 205 to 270 miles (330 to 435 km) above Earth. The video below shows footage of Earth taken by different astronauts about the ISS (NASA/ESA). The ISS orbits around earth 15.54 times per day at a speed of 17,100 mph (27,600 km/h)