Friday, November 27, 2015

The Most Beautiful Complicated Rolex

...The Most Beautiful Complicated Rolex...

1952 Rolex Moonphase
36MM Yellow Gold: Reference 6062

People ask me all the time which Rolex I think is the most beautiful? I would say the 1950 Rolex Oyster Moonphase triple-date pictured below is definitely one of the most beautiful complicated Rolex watches ever made! This model is ULTRA-RARE for many reasons. First and foremost because it has a black dial with star and pyramid indices. This beauty is also in flawless New Old Stock (NOS) condition. What a magnificent work absolute work of art!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Jake!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Jake!!!

Hi Everybody!!!

It is hard to believe it is already Thanksgiving again on Jake's Rolex Watch World!!! It has been another absolutely amazing year of filled with growth and amazing new Rolex historical content.

So many people have chosen to keep the time of their lives with Rolex, and the more time goes by, the more I realize how Rolex is really a universe in-and-of-itself. It's a world where the sun never sets, yet it's always daytime. 

"The First Thanksgiving" painting by Jean Gerome Ferris (1863-1930)

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it gives us a chance to pause and reflect on how fortunate we all are to be able to experience this amazing miracle, known as life, on this spinning marble we all share–named Earth.

Of course I realize Thanksgiving is a U.S. holiday, but I believe it's as timeless and universal as a sunset or a smile :-)))

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Warmest regards,


Friday, November 13, 2015

Steve McQueen Racing At Le Mans Rolex Submariner

...The King Of Cool...

Steve McQueen


 The Man & Le Mans  

Rolex Submariner
Reference 5512

An all new documentary named Steve McQueen and Le Mans just released its first trailer, which can be seen below. This fascinating documentary covers his experience with filming his 1971 movie titled Le Mans.


Is the story of obsession, betrayal and ultimate vindication. It is the story of how one of the most volatile, charismatic stars of his generation, who seemingly lost so much he held dear in the pursuit of his dream, nevertheless followed it to the end.

STEVE MCQUEEN: THE MAN and LE MANS debuted earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival in France. A limited theatrical release will debut in Los Angeles and New York tomorrow on November 13th, 2015. A DVD of the documentary will be released on December 1st, 2015.

The poster below is the original 1971 movie poster for Le Mans, starring Steve McQueen. So basically the documentary above is about the making of the 1971 movie.

You can watch the entire Le Mans film below, and be sure to check out the scene at 3:09 seconds into the film where you can see Steve McQueen driving his 911 in the city of Le Mans, France, and you can also see him wearing his Submariner.

Below are previously unpublished images of Steve McQueen at Le Mans in 1971. In this first photo we get a clear shot of Steve McQueen wearing his Rolex Submariner.

In the photo below we see Steve McQueen leaning against a Ferrari 512S, while taking photos with his Nikon F SLR camera with a big lens, and of course, he is wearing his Rolex Submariner.

In the photo above and below we see Steve McQueen's 1969 Porsche 917K (Chassis Number 024) swathed in Powder Blue and Marigold Orange. This rare Porsche 917 featured an air-cooled 12 cylinder 560HP mid-engine. It disappeared after the movie was made, only to come back to life in a barn-find. This amazing car will likely be auctioned, and it could easily go for over $20,000,000.

In the photo below we see Steve McQueen in front of his 911S, while filming Le Mans, and notice his Submariner, along his Persol sunglasses, with this tie-dyed shirt. Groovy Baby, Yeah!!!!

The photo below looks like a Rolex magazine ad, but I made it myself since I thought it looks really cool. Methinks if Rolex made ads like this, they would be much more inspirational than boring photos of just watches.

Perfectly Timeless Classics

Ironically, everything considered classic today was once considered to be modern. Few things have stood the test of time like Steve McQueen, a Porsche 911, and a stainless steel Rolex Submariner. The Porsche 911 ad below shows the same model Steve McQueen drove in the opening scene for Le Mans.

The Rolex ad below features the same Rolex Submariner 5512 model Steve McQueen wore in Le Mans. This vintage Rolex ad is soooo cool, and so unlike any Rolex magazine ad you would see today... 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

...Rolex Super-Coolness...

PK Subban
Montreal Canadiens Defenseman
The $72 Million Man
(with A Heart To Match)

Two Tone Rolex GMT-Master

PK Subban is an amazing professional NHL hockey player who plays for the Montreal Canadiens. He also won a gold medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi while playing for Canada.

Nadeem is a Canadian reader of Jake's Rolex World and he wrote in and said:

Dear Jake,

First, I love your blog and check it regularly to get great bits of Rolex history and learn about who wears these timepieces that you are so passionate about!

Second, as a Canadian viewer, I have noticed PK Subban (defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens) is an avid Rolex wearer, philanthropist and internet celebrity. As a great role model and one of the few black players in the NHL, I would like to suggest you watch this and see if he is worth a post on the blog :) 

I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

All the best,

PK Subban recently signed a deal with his team that will pay him $72 Million, which is very impressive. PK recently announced he would be giving a $10 Million grant to help underprivileged people in hospitals, which is the largest grant ever made from a Canadian athlete. PK is pictured below in a Canadian hospital talking with a child and her mother inspiring her to recover.