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A Magnificently Unusual Daytona

A Magnificently Unusual Daytona

Cosmograph Daytona Reference 116500LN

Raja is a reader of Jake's Rolex World from Texas, and recently we had an absolutely fascinating conversation about his Stainless Steel Daytona with a black dial and matching black ceramic bezel. This Daytona blew my mind when I first saw it as I was shocked with how amazing it looked on Raja's Jubilee bracelet. But wait a minute!?!! What is going on with this great looking watch? 

Rolex offers some models, like the GMT-Master on both a Rolex Oyster bracelet, as well as on a Rolex Jubilee. Think Batman v. Batgirl. That being said, my understanding is that Rolex only has offered the stainless steel Daytona on an Oyster Bracelet for many years now.

I asked Raja: 

"What inspired you to put the Super Jubilee on your Daytona? And where/ how did you obtain the Super Jubilee? Did you purchase it separately?"

Keep in mind, this is NOT the current Daytona model, but the previous model.

Raja responded: 

"I have had both the white and black Ceramic Daytona’s (116500LN) for quite some time and I felt both of them needed some extra distinction in addition to the dial colors being different. 

Here comes the Super Jubilee bracelet (ref 63600), which differentiated the wearing experience of the black ceramic Daytona by making it much more lighter aka comfortable while adding a very slight “shine” to the watch that I secretly liked. 

Not to mention I now do not have to worry about the pesky micro scratches that one can observe on the polished center links. Overall the black Daytona quickly has became my go-to daily wearer inside or outside the house whereas in the past I would gravitate more towards the white Daytona.

I bought the super jubilee bracelet (ref 63600) from my AD. They were able to special order it for me. It was delivered to me in about 3 weeks after the order was placed.

In all fairness I tried the super jubilee on the white ceramic as well but the super jubilee did not resonate with the white one as it did with the black one."

Many, many years ago, Rolex once offered the stainless steel Daytona on a Jubilee bracelet. In my opinion, Rolex should definitely bring back this AMAZING combination, or at least offer it both way, as it looks so RAD!!!!!!

I asked Raja to tell me more about himself and how he got interested in watch collection and he said:

"I have been into watch since the beginning of time (pun not intended). Growing up I used to have a scrapbook of watch pictures that I would collect from various magazines or newspaper articles. I knew of pretty much all the brands like Audemars, Vacheron, Patek, Rolex, Omega, JLC, Tissot etc although my pronunciation of few of them were absolutely questionable, especially JLC. That childhood hobby turned into watch collecting along with watch photography. 

I have learnt quite a bit from other watch enthusiasts/photographers during the process. I have met some really amazing people in this journey of collecting, discovering and learning about watches and even in that set of friends, I call a subset of them good friends among whom we share our life experiences with each other every day." 

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Captain Danny saw this image of a similar model Daytona and shared this wrist shot image with me from Karleone on