Monday, July 06, 2009

Miami Vice Monday: Season 1 [Episode 6: One Eyed Jack]

Miami Vice Monday
Season 1 [Episode 6: One Eyed Jack]
Original Air Date: November 2, 1984

This is a pretty crazy episode!!! Edward James Olmos who became an iconic member of the Miami Vice cast is great and we see the show really coming into its own.

A tricked-out Mercedes Benz SEC, Cigarette Boats, Armani blazer, madras and aqua blue t-shirts, Ray Bans, Eric Clapton music, late disco song "Jump For My Love" and Rolex watches in Miami!!! The 80s were really something else!!!

Rolex Hotness & Rolex Cuteness

Rolex Hotness & Rolex Cuteness

Rod from Ottawa, Canada sent in this great photo of his wife with their 5 month-old grandson, Noah–who seems to be fascinated with her Rolex Submariner. I think maybe Rod saw the photo of the Rolex Cuteness last week with the red labrador puppy and got the idea to send this photo in since it looks so similar ;-)

Rob said "My wife wears her Rolex Submariner 14060M every day and loves it!" Well Rod, she sure has a gorgeous smile!!! Congratulations on your beautiful grandson Noah!!!