Thursday, July 03, 2014

Roger Federer & Chris Evert Lloyd

...Rolex Hotness & Rolex Coolness...

Wimbledon 2014
Roger Federer & Chris Evert Lloyd
Two Of The Most Iconic Tennis Champions In History

So far, this years Wimbledon Championship has been superb. I was watching a fascinating interview that Chris Evert Lloyd did with Roger Federer, and I noticed they were both wearing Rolex watches. Roger is wearing the all-new 50th Anniversary Platinum Daytona and Chris is wearing a yellow gold Lady date in a 32MM model. Both have worn Rolex their entire career, and even though Chris retired many years ago, she always wears Rolex.

The Chris Evert Lloyd Rolex magazine advertisement below was originally published, thirty years ago, in 1984. Chris Evert Lloyd's achievements in Tennis are truly amazing!

Roger Federer is arguably the greatest tennis play in history, and tomorrow he is scheduled to play in the Wimbledon Quarterfinals. The two Rolex ads below are from 2009.