Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black & Blue Twilight...

Winter is on its way

Photo Credit: Hypophse

The Transformer...

Switching From Pepsi To Coke

Dan Pierce owns a beautiful Pepsi GMT Master II that I showed off about 4 months ago. He added a new Jubilee bracelet with the hidden clasp to give his watch a new look and it is awesome as you can see.

A Rolex For All Seasons

Dan wanted to switch up the vibe of his Rolex GMT Master II. He thought the Pepsi bezel (blue and red) had more of a summer vibe so he added a Coke bezel (black and red) to give it more of a winter vibe.

As you can see Dan also has the all black GMT bezel pictured above on the right. So, by just having a GMT with and Oyster bracelet and a Jubilee bracelet and three bezels, Dan has the ability to tranform his Rolex into 6 Different watches. Very, very Cool...