Thursday, June 30, 2022

....Rolex Time Machine...1965...The Sydney Morning Herald


....Rolex Time Machine...


The Sydney Morning Herald

Jose from recently discovered this super-fascinating Rolex ad which was originally published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, December 7, 1965. The shockingly insight that caught me by surprise is that if you read the text next to the illustration of the GMT-Master it says the GMT is the Official watch of James Bond!?!! 

Be sure to click on image below to significantly enlarge text for easy reading:

I genuinely have no idea what this means as Thunderball was the James Bond movie in 1965 and we see in the movie poster below it shows Sean Connery as James Bond rocking his trademark Submariner—which is clearly NOT a GMT-Master!?!!

I know Rik Van Nutter wore a GMT-Master on the set of Thunderball as seen in the photo below as he played James Bond's handler, Felix Leiter. Nick Gould and I discussed this and believe it is likely Rolex Australia confused the GMT-Master with the Submariner.

Update: Mark Rackley wrote in and and said:


Another possibility for the Sydney Morning Herald referring to the GMT as the official watch of James Bond might be more to the movie series and not Bond himself - e.g. the GMT worn by Pussy Galore in Goldfinger in 1964.

Just a thought.

Mark Rackley

I think Mark may have figured out this puzzle as we see with this Rolex Goldfinger movie poster featuring Pussy Galore shows her rocking her GMT-Master.