Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Three of a Kind...7UP Sub, Espresso Sub & Pepsi GMT...

Rolex Watches in Movies

A while ago Jake and I talked for a long time over the phone, and I wanted to contribute to his blog.

After moving and starting a new job, I am finally finding some time to spend on my favorite hobby: watches.

This link is a compilation of the Rolex watches worn in movies and films. Additionally, it describes the history of Rolex. I have not found a better link with this information.

Rolex Bio

White Dials...

Another superb shot from Hannes...

Photo Credit: Hannes

Actor Marshall Thompson...

Smith from the German Rolex forum has an amazing collection of vintage Rolex shots and he sent in the great one of actor, Marshall Thompson sporting his Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner (Reference 5513) taken in the 1960. As Smith says, and Edith and Archie Bunker sang, "Those Were The Days!!!"

Marshall Thompson is pictured above with Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion.

Rarest Rolex GMT Master Ever Made...

The Pan American Airlines Issue Rolex GMT Master (Reference 6542) with the white dial and black bezel is probably the rarest GMT ever made. Supposedly Rolex only made 100 white dial GMTs in 1958 and the vast majority of the ones I have seen have the red and blue Pepsi bezel. Because this one has the all black bezel it is extremely rare.

I call this watch the "Oreo Cookie" or the "Vanilla Espresso." I know Rolex is big on retro design language and I would love to see this watch offered with the new Supercase Ceramic GMT Master II. I think this color combination is amazing!!!

Jake's Time Quote of the Day:

Time is not the hand of a clock moving around, not the Time the man-in-the-street thinks he knows it to be. It is something far greater; a fourth dimension, an integral part of the universe. –From "The Anatomy of Time"