Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quantities of Quality: Mike Wood's Milsubs...

Quantities of Quality
Mike Wood's Milsubs

If you don't know what a Milsub is don't worry about it. If you know what a Milsub is–stop drooling all over yourself...

Bravissimo Stefano Mazzariol: A Look At Rolex History From The Beginning...

Bravissimo Stefano Mazzariol
A Look At Rolex History From The Beginning

Stefano Mazzariol is a fellow Rolex fanatic and kindred spirit. Stefano lives in Italy and recently published an amazing photo-rich story about Rolex history which is a must see, even if you don't speak Italian. Stefano takes his readers through a visual history of Rolex from the very beginning.

I found an amazing surprise in Stefano's article and I put a copy of it below. It is a brochure for a Rolex GMT from 1959. This Rolex brochure has special meaning for me because of its slogan that reads, "I WANT A GOOD WATCH." Why is it special for me? Because I remember, about 15 years ago, coming across a Rolex brochure that had as its slogan "I WANT A GOOD WATCH," and for some reason that phrase really stuck in my head.

The challenge is that I NEVER saw it again and when I started Jake's Rolex Watch Blog, I remembered that slogan so well, but I was shocked I could not find a brochure with the "I WANT A GOOD WATCH" slogan. Stefano has an amazing ability to find unusual and rare Rolex history, so I want to thank you Stefano.


I want to address why I think "I WANT A GOOD WATCH" is such a powerful marketing statement that Rolex made back in 1959 and why I think it is just as relevant today. The reason I wear and appreciate Rolex is because I just want a good watch. I don't need a great watch, I definitely want a good watch–one that is dependable, durable and accurate. The fact that Rolex said a "GOOD" watch is understated and unpretentious. No goofy pretentious luxury watch slogan, just a simple straightforward declarative statement. I love it!!!!

I highly recommend you take a look at Stefano's amazing article which you can read by clicking here. Thanks for sharing Stefano!!! You did an excellent job!!!

By the way, Stefano is an amazing Rolex photographer. He has sent in many super shots that I have published on Jake's Rolex Watch Blog and you can see all of them by clicking on Stefano's name at the end of this post under Labels.