Monday, May 20, 2013

Rolex Magazine Ad Photoshop Competition

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Magazine Ad Design Competition

Recently, a daily reader of Jake's Rolex World named Mark Wright–located in the U.K.– sent me an email with the first mocked-up Rolex Homage Ad pictured below and said:

Hi Jake,

Was tinkering around in Photoshop and in homage to the Rolex Ad's of old, created this. Thought it looked pretty cool and maybe something you may post for me on your sight.

Fantastic Website by the way. I visit each day to get my fix.

Kind Regards,
Mark Wright
United Kingdom

I responded to Mark and mentioned it was a great idea. Over the years, I have spent countless hours restoring and publishing hundreds of cool vintage Rolex ads so it should come as no surprise I thought it would also be fun to design my own Rolex ads as well, so I said to Mark:

"Why don't we have a contest on Jake's Rolex World, where readers can submit their artwork, along with a description of their concept, and you and I can be the judges of the contest? Let's do it just for fun!" Mark loved the idea, and sent in the next two images, which are based upon the "If you were" Rolex ad series from the 1970s."

List Of Rules
For the Rolex Ad Contest

1. You can submit as many pieces of artwork as you wish. 

2. The artwork needs to be high-resolution, and it should be 1600 pixels tall.

3. Artwork and Copy MUST be in excellent taste. 

4. Email artwork with your first and last name, and country you are located in. You are welcome to include a written narrative that describes the inspiration for your ad, but it is not required.

5. Contest begins today (May 20, 2013) and runs for 30 days, until June 20, 2013. Please send your entry via email to:

This contest is sponsored by Jake's Rolex World and is not affiliated or sponsored in any way by Rolex. Who knows, perhaps Rolex or its ad agency might get inspired by what they see here?

I will publish all the ads submitted, along with our awards for best ads sometime after the competition ends.

The next ad is was also designed by Mark Wright, and is really cool!!!

Legends Of ROLEX 
Series by Jake Ehrlich

As I previously mentioned, I have thought for years about cool designs for Rolex ads, so I put together the next six mock-up ads, along with a detailed description of my inspiration. My three subjects are some of the best know humans that have lived, and all three are no longer with us, but that is what makes the ads so powerful. You see all three of these men, in the prime of their lives, changing the worlds, while proudly wearing their Rolex watches on their wrists...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ads by Jake Ehrlich

As I have said in the past, I believe that Dr. Martin Luther King is the greatest hero that ever wore a Rolex, and if I was Rolex, I would not only have magazine ads the feature Dr. King, but also billboard ads.

I really like the Dr. Martin Luther King Ads above and below. The are very similar, but the one above is deeply profound because it has one of Rolex's very famous tag lines from the 1950s and 1960s, that reads "Men Who Guide The Destines Of The World Wear Rolex Watches." 

Ironically Rolex used this tagline during the years Dr. Martin Luther King actually guided the destiny of the world, while Dr. King wore his trademark yellow gold Roles Datejust on his wrist, but Rolex never would have put Dr. King in an ad or referred to him in the 1950s and 1960s, because the times were way too turbulent. Rolex has changed so much since they had the "Men Who Guide" tagline. 

In other words, Rolex was still trying to prove itself in the 1950s and 1960s, but today they would NEVER use that tagline because they have already proven themselves, and if Rolex used that tagline today, everybody would think they were nuts. The beauty of the way I used it, is I am using it as a historical statement. The U.S. has a black president today, because civil rights leader like Dr. King, stood up for what they believed in, and Dr. King obviously risked and lost his life doing so, with his Rolex on his wrist, I might ad.

Pablo Picasso ad by Jake Ehrlich

This one speaks for itself! Pablo Picasso is obviously the greatest modern artist of the 20th Century, and I love this photo because his Rolex GMT Master is highly visible, and the photo almost looks like it was taken yesterday. I remember, years ago, when I first saw and published this image, thinking how much Pablo Picasso looks like an American Indian in the image!!! The image is tres bizarre, and that is why I love it. 

Paul Newman Rolex ad series by Jake Ehrlich

Paul Newman was one of the coolest guys to ever wear a Rolex, and a few models have been nicknamed as "Paul Newman Rolex Daytona" models. I think Rolex should bring back the white exotic dial Daytona, identical to the one Paul Newman is wearing in the photo below, expect it should be completely updated, with a 42 or 44MM case. I also think Rolex should keep the dial very clean, and NOT print the "Officially Certified Swiss Chronometer" on the dial. It should just say have the Rolex and Daytona designation on the dial like the original that Paul Newman is wearing in the ad below.

Further, I think Rolex should make this special edition watch and officially name it, The Paul Newman Daytona. Rolex should put together a deal with Paul Newman's estate to license his name and image, and they should donate a portion from the sale of every "Paul Newman Rolex Daytona" to Paul Newman's Hole In The Wall Camp Charity Fund. This way everybody wins, and it should NOT be a limited edition, just a special edition.

You might notice that ALL my ads are very minimalistic, and lack the typical "For an official Rolex Jeweler Call 1-800-367-6539" as well as "", or any Trademark designation info. I did this on purpose because I think Rolex ads simply don't need it, and after all that is what is for. 

In other words, Less is More!!! I think Rolex should take more of an Apple/Minimalist approach to branding. I also think Rolex should make every watch they ever make in the future, a waterproof Oyster, and that way they don't need to put the Oyster designation on their dials. I think Rolex should keep the Oyster designation, and talk about it, but they don't need to put it on dials anymore.

Steve McQueen Rolex ad by Jake Ehrlich

This one speaks for itself as Steve McQueen was the definite King of Cool, wearing his Rolex Submariner while posing in front of his green Porsche 911.

If you want to see many examples of historical Rolex images to get inspiration, you can see hundreds of them by clicking here.