Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wrist Shot Of The Day: Rolex Explorer's

Wrist Shot Of The Day
Jolu's Rolex Explorer's

Jolu sent in these two amazing photos. He took the top on of his Explorer and Explorer II; and its play on the quotation:

"When a Man has the World in his hands, you expect to find a Rolex (or two) on his wrist!"

Rolex Explorer II In Its Element

In the photo below we see Jolu sporting his Rolex Explorer II while Ice Climbing!!! Thanks for sending in the great photos Jolu!!!!

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge Testing On Vallenlunga Track

Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge
Testing On Vallelunga Track in Italia

Ferrari recently released its latest Challenge model race car based upon its new 458 Italia and here are some recent photos of it during a testing session at the Vallelunga race circuit. The V-8 in this 4.5 liter has been increased to 570 horsepower. Long-live the spinners!!!

Ever Wonder How It Works? How A Rolex Oyster Case Is Put Together: DEEP-SEA SEA-DWELLER

Ever Wonder How It Works?
How A Rolex Oyster Case Is Put Together

Rolex design and engineering is amazing. One of the challenges we are working on overcoming is that most people who wear Rolex watches have no idea how the parts are designed and assembled. They also have no idea of how exactly a perpetual Rolex movement (automatic) works.

In the future we intend to share in great detail exactly how the magnificent mechanical masterpieces are put together. Today we are in for a treat which Jocke, from Sweden sent in. This Rolex illustration shows all the parts of a Rolex case for a DEEP-SEA SEA-DWELLER and how the fit together. If you examine it closely, it is just mind-blowing.

One challenge with this image is that "F" which is the "Domed Sapphire Crystal" is hard to see since it is transparent, so you have to use your imagination a bit. Special thanks to Jocke for sending in this amazing Rolex illustration to share!!!