Friday, June 07, 2024

Single Red SEA-DWELLER Fluted Light Bezel Effect

...Wrist Shot Of The Day...


Fluted Light Bezel Effect

Back in 2017, I was in a San Francisco restaurant that had an outdoor room, with a closed canvas canopy above that had black and white stripes on it. I looked to see what time it was and noticed this crazy reflection the canopy was having on the ceramic bezel insert on my Single Red SEA-DWELLER. It almost made it look like it had a fluted bezel. Interesting... 

If you are into larger watches, without going overboard, I think the 43MM Single Red Sea-Dweller SRSD offers a perfect Rolex Sport Watch fit and vibe. Specifically, I like the SRSD way more than the DEEPSEA as it lacks the etched rehaut, which makes the dial larger, and more visible. Also, the shape of the case is much more flat in profile. 

I love the Black and Blue DEEPSEA gradient dial, and wish Rolex would make a 43MM SD with a similar dial. In other words, I would much prefer a watch with a larger dial like on the SRSD, as apposed to the raised rehaut that has meaningless words that say "ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE & RING LOCK SYSTEM", which looks like unnecessary text like jackets that have a huge goofy Tommy Hillfiger logo on it. Also, no human would ever wear a Rolex on their wrist deeper than 4000 feet, so why make a watch that can descend down 12,800 feet!?!! In other words, I would love to see Rolex return to simpler designs, with less unnecessary text that is visually distracting.

I put together the image above to illustrate my idea. On the left we see the current DEEPSEA D-BLUE, and in the middle we see the current Single Red SEA-DWELLER, and on the right we see my dream D-BLUE SEA-DWELLER, which I think is infinitely simpler and better looking.
I kept a diary on my experience with the Single Red SEA-DWELLER, which offers insight into wearing it long term.