Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Introducing The JAKEe FATSTRAP...


As many of you know, I have been a clothing and accessory designer for more than a quarter century. I also bought my first Rolex Submariner more than 25 years ago.

I started Jake's Rolex Watch Blog because I wanted to share all the knowledge I gained over the years about Rolex. I also wanted to separate the fact from the fiction on a great deal of Rolex folklore–which I have done.

My Design Mind

I must admit after spending more than a year staring at Rolex watches 7 days a week, I could not help but think about how to make them look better. I love the iconic Rolex Oyster bracelet, but I got kind of sick of looking at it every day. I wanted something with more flair and style. I wanted to change it up–Something different...

The challenge I experienced was I wanted to buy some cool, innovative straps, but I could not find any–so as usual–I decided to create my own, and the result is the JAKEe Strap Brand.

The first strap I designed, which I am introducing today, is known as the JAKEeFATSTRAP and it is pictured below. I designed it around my LV Submariner, but as you will learn, it looks great on other watch brands.

When I set out to design a line of watch straps I was not interested in copying anybody else so I kept experimenting and I significantly exceeded my own expectations. The first strap system I am launching is known as the JAKEeFATSTRAP and just one of these bands has the ability to achieve 6 completely different looks.

For example, the strap in the photo above of the LV Submariner is on the EXACT same strap as the one in the photo below. In other words, the reversible brown Stingray Calfskin carmel strap in the photo above is reversible and its back side is black Stingray Calfskin with black thread as seen below.

Instead of writing a long article about the Fatstrap, I invite you to visit the three different related sites that will get you up to speed on all the details. You can click on the green links to open the pages:

1. This is where you can order a custom JAKEe Fatstrap.

2. JAKEe Modular Strap System Blog. I created this blog to show photos of the different straps I design–so you can get a real feel for what they look like. This is also the place to learn everything about the JAKEe Modular Strap System.

3. The History Of Fatstraps. I wrote this article which appears on the JAKEe Modular Strap Blog and walks you through the history of Fatstraps.
In my personal opinion, the JAKEeFATSTRAP is the coolest looking strap I have ever seen and I am not just saying that since it is mine. I have been wearing them for several months to test them and they are amazing!!!

Each JAKEeFATSTRAP is custom made to fit your watch and your wrist as well as your style. The quality of the straps is the absolute best in the world and the straps are an engineering feat in and of themselves.

A Funny Story

I will share a funny and true story with you. I went out to dinner with my uncle Chris who is 59 years old. I would describe Chris as being a young 59 years old. We are pals and we go mountain biking together. One day, after a great bike ride, we were dining in the Cheesecake Factory in Marin County, California, U.S.A. I had just received and was wearing the first generation prototype of the my JAKEeFATSTRAP.

I was wearing my LV Submariner on the Carmel Brown side with the matching green stitching. I asked my uncle Chris to try on my my JAKEeFATSTRAP and he refused saying he was not interested. I insisted and told him I just wanted to see what it looked like on somebody else. Chris reluctantly put it on his wrist.

I was tripping on how great it looked and I asked him what he thought? He responded by saying it was not his style. He said he thought it was too 1970s. I responded by saying that did not make sense because he was in him prime in the 1970s. He preceded to take off the watch and I asked him to leave it on for a little while longer so I could check it you. He reluctantly agreed.

About five minutes later, this stunningly gorgeous blonde woman sitting at the table next to us said "Excuse me!?!" She pointed at the JAKEeFATSTRAP on my uncle Chris wrist and said, "That is a really nice looking watch strap!!!" Chris and I were stunned!!! The next time I saw Chris he asked if he could try on the JAKEeFATSTRAP!?! He then told me he loved the strap and had to get one. True story!!!

Like No Other

I showed another friend of mine the JAKEeFATSTRAP and he said, "It looks awesome, but it does not look like a Rolex. Especially with the LV Submariner with the green bezel." I responded by saying "That is the whole point!!! I don't want to go to a meeting where 6 dudes are all wearing stainless steel Submariner models. I want my own unique look!!!"

I remember going to a party and meeting a lawyer who was wearing my exact LV Submariner and we talked for a few hours. We had a great conversation but every time I looked at his LV Submariner, it freaked me out and made me uncomfortable. That's just one of the reasons I love the JAKEeFATSTRAP System, which, by the way is available in more that 30 colors.

If there is anything I can do to answer your questions about the JAKEeFATSTRAP or if you have questions please feel free to email me at:

By the way, the JAKEeFATSTRAP does not only look great on a modern Rolex like in the photos above, but it also looks superb on vintage Rolex watches like my pal, Seth Chandler's Mocha GMT Master that was made in 1972:

In the photo below you see Seth's Mocha GMT by on just the thin strap what weaves through the JAKEeFATSTRAP pictured above. One of the cool features with the JAKEeFATSTRAP is it requires no tools to change since it slips through the springbars like a NATO.

Keep in mind that if you reverse the strap pictured below, it is black stingray on the other side with black stitching.