Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Note From Jake...

I just wanted to share something interesting with my readers:

The reason I started Jake's Rolex Watch Blog was because I thought there was so much cool Rolex Design History and Design Content out in the world that most people have never seen–and I have made it my mission to share it with you.

As I said before, there are some stories that must be told and this next post is a concrete example of what I am talking about.

I love the fact that there are other people on planet earth like Hannes and PCS who are thinking way out of the box like me.

I believe this kind of thinking is what turns today's ceiling into tomorrow's floor.

If you have fascinating Rolex History or cool customized Rolex design stuff, please send it in and I will post it.

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Warmest regards,

Jake Ehrlich

Vanilla Pepsi and Oreo Cookie Custom GMT Explorer IIs.

Rolex Alchemy

Here are some shots from PCS in the German Rolex Forum.  I can't believe how cool and beautiful these customized GMTs with the white Explorer II dials are!!!

When I first saw them they took my breath away, not to mention PCSs excellent photography:

The Vanilla Pepsi GMT Explorer II

We start with the "Vanilla Pepsi."  Rolex actually made a white dial GMT back in the late 1950s called the Pan AM GMT.  You can see photos of the original White dial GMT by clicking here.

Understand that you cannot purchase any of these watches from Rolex because they do not exist.  PCS customized ALL these beauties by putting a white Explorer II dial on a GMT body:

The Vanilla Pepsi next to The Oreo Cookie GMT Explorer II

I can't believe Rolex does not make these watches.  Rolex, if your are listening, please make these:

The Oreo Cookie GMT Explorer II

This Black Bezel GMT II with the White Explorer Dial is so cool looking I can't believe it!!!  I hate to say it, but I think if the Explorer II had this rotating black bezel it would probably sell better.  Don't get me wrong, I really like the black and white Explorer II, I just think it would be cooler with this bezel. 

I was thinking about how this watch reminds me of something and I figured it out.  I reminds me of an Oreo cookie with the top taken off, thus I am dubbing it "The Oreo GMT." 

I have never seen this combo before and it is stunning!!! I am so happy I wandered into these images.  It makes me wonder what else I am missing!?!

Hey!!!  You got your Chocolate in my Peanut Butter!?!

Photo Credit: PCS

My Dream Daytona

I was so inspired by PCS's customized GMT's with the Explorer dial I could not resist putting this up.  PCS's watches are soooo cooool looking.

You can see even more of  his stunning images toward the bottom of this page:

I think there are potentially so many cool Rolex Designs that do not exist yet that many people would love.  In particular, I think Rolex should do some retro Rolex Daytona Limited Edition watches.

I am an advanced graphic designer and illustrator and I love the old Paul Newman Daytona's, so I decided to design my own and make it even better.  Here are my "Jake's Dream Daytona" images:

My design is based on the original Paul Newman Daytona but with may improvements.

In the photo below, I have my Dream Daytona in green on the left next to the current white dial daytona

The two watches below are also my designs.

More Details...

Here is a comparison between my Dream Daytona I designed the dial and hands on, compared to the real "Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona Prototype" from 1979.  The one on top is my design. 

Dream Daytona Design by Jake Ehrlich

My "Dream Daytona" has much larger "Maxi Marker" indices and much fatter black hour and minute hands with much better Lume, as well as a larger Rolex Logo Crown.  

I found a watchmaker who might be able to make this dial for me to retrofit it onto a current Daytona which is much bigger than the 1979 Daytona;  4omm v. 36mm.

Also, in my opinion the current Daytona has much better lines and build quality.

Questionable Authenticity

Alert: It has come to our attention after publishing this story that the authenticity of the Ferrari red watch dial is questionable. This information comes from a highly reliable source. 

We are currently investigating the authenticity of the Ferrari Red Dial Daytona watches and as soon as we conclude we will let you know.

The watch below was auctioned several years ago for $300,000 and is probably worth a Million today.  I have only ever seen three authentic Rolex Daytona's with the Red Dial.

Rolex Wrist Shot of the Day: Black Bezel LV Rolex Submariner...

This is a superb photo of the LV Rolex Stainless Submariner and comes courtesy of Hannes from the German Rolex Forum. Even though I don't speak German, I think the German Rolex Forum is the best Watch and Rolex Forum on the Web.

You can visit the German Rolex Forum at:

For those who may not know, it is possible to take an LV Rolex Submariner, with a Rolex Green Bezel and replace it with a standard Black Submariner Bezel.

The reason this is appealing to people is because the LV Submariner also has larger "Maxi Marker" Indices (5 Minute Markers) and a fatter or wider minute hand with more lume area.

This gives the Black LV Rolex Submariner a more modern and authentic look like the original "Maxi Markers" from the 70s Roger Moore Submariner.

Photo Credit: Hannes

Lume Shot Comparison: 16610 v. 16610LV

Night and Day Difference:  Actually here is a great comparison shot between the Maxi Markers on the LV 50th Anniversary Submariner v. Standard Markers.

Pictured above is the standard 16610 Rolex Submariner Lume and Pictured below is the 16610LV Lume.  There really is a dramatic difference...

Photo Credit: Meric

Maxi Dial v. Standard

Since we are on the subject.  Here is an LV Sub with a black bezel next to a standard sub.  Big difference with the lights on as well:

LV v. Standard Submariner...

In the images below, the top image is a Sea Dweller next to an LV Submariner.  You notice the LV wears larger since black makes a watch look smaller, just like black slacks make you look trimmer than white.

Image below is an LV sub next to a non-date sub.

New School LV Maxi vs. Old School Roger Moore Maxi...

If you click on the image below you can see the current LV sub next to an early 1970s Roger Moore as James Bond Submariner with HUGE Maxi Markers that are even bigger and more visible than the LV. 

Rolex really has gone in a full circle...

Click image to see in detail:

Barry White Tradmark Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date...

The Ladies Definitely Digg Barry White. When I think of certain famous people who wear Rolex I think of people like Barry White sporting his Trademark Yellow Gold Day-Date.

We will all miss Barry, but at least we still have his timeless music. Barry White really was bigger than life...

You know Barry had to add some extra links to this bracelet...

I think Barry is sending us a message from the other side with this one to always remember to stop and smell the flowers!!! Don't forget!!!

Interesting Vintage "Red Top" Stainless Rolex Submariner

Talk about a Rolex "Tool Watch."  This is a highly collectable and rare vintage Rolex Submariner.  It is unusual because of its "Red Top" Zero marker on the Black Bezel.

Vintage Yellow Gold Rolex Submariner with Nipple Indices

Click on the photos to check out the rare "Nipple Incises."

Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex watches...

1953 Rolex magazine advertisement for the Yellow Gold Datejust reads "ROLEX: A landmark in the history of Time measurement...

Times have obviously changed because the man in this add is smoking a cigarette...