Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rolex "Kew A" Certificate

One of the rarest Rolex Watches.  Only 24 of these 18kt versions of the Kew A Oyster were ever made.

Read more about this watch which is for sale at:

Photo Credit: James Dowling's Rolex Webpage.  The Best of Time, ROLEX WRISTWATCHES.

Gorgeous Woman Wearing a Gorgeous GMT Master...

Creating a blog dedicated to writing about Rolex Watches is really fun.  I always thought it would be a great idea to create a wristwatch blog, especially one dedicated to blogging about Rolex watches.  That is why I decided to create Jake's Rolex Watch Blog, but I must admit it is really fun to see beautiful women wearing Rolex Watches.

Benicio Del Toro Rolex Submariner on Black Leather Band...

Talented Movie Star Benicio Del Toro wears the same model Rolex Submariner that Roger Moore wore as James Bond except Benicio wears his on a black leather band.

The 7UP Submariner...

In 2004 Rolex introduced the 50th Anniversary Edition Submariner (Model Number: 16610 LV) .  LV stands for "Lunette Verde."  This is one of my favorite Rolex watches.  It is different than the standard Rolex Submariner in three ways:
  1. It has a metallic green bezel
  2. It has Maxi Marker Indices
  3. It has a fatter or wider minute hand
The LV sub has many nicknames which include the Kermit, the 7Up Sub and the Starbucks Sub.  We will be spending a lot of time studying this beauty.  I absolutely LOVE this photo of the 7UP Sub.  I think it flawlessly captures the essence of the watch:

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Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER Preview: Part 1 Out In The Wild

Rolex shows off all of its new models it plans to bring to market at the Basel Show every year in Switzerland and at Basel in March of 2008 Rolex unveiled the all new DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER which will replace the current SEA DWELLER.

This watch is highly anticipated by the marketplace and offers many new and innovative features.  The Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER is huge at 43mm which seems to be the new direction Rolex is headed in with making larger watches.

Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER Preview: Part 2 The Body

Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER Preview: Part 3 Up Close

Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER Preview: Part 4 The Clasp

Rolex DEEP SEA SEA DWELLER Preview: Part 5 Bezel View

Golf Coach David Leadbetter Rolex Collection...

In the two pictures below, Master Golf Coach David Leadbetter is wearing his Yellow Gold Yachtmaster with a blue dial.

Below, David Leadbetter is wearing a Yellow Gold Daytona on a leather Strap.

David Leadbetter wearing a Stainless Yachtmaster...

Bill Walsh 49ers Coach wearing his Trademark Rolex Day-Date

Bill Walsh, coach of the San Francisco 49ers was a big Rolex fan.  He wore a Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date with a blue dial.

Below Bill Walsh is pictured with 49ers Quarterback, Joe Montana just after they won the Superbowl.  In the last picture he is pictured with 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice.

The JFK Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr. President President!!!

Questionable Authenticity

Alert: It has come to our attention after publishing this story that the authenticity of this watch is questionable. This information comes from a highly reliable source. 

We are currently investigating the authenticity of this watch and as soon as we conclude we will let you know.

Marilyn Monroe supposedly gave this Yellow Gold Day-Date Rolex "President" to U.S. President Kennedy.  The watch sold on October 18, 2005 for $120,000. 

Marilyn Monroe gave this Yellow Gold Rolex President to President Kennedy the night she famously sang "Happy Birthday."

The watch case also contains a poem, written on a small piece of paper, titled "A Heartfelt Plea on Your Birthday."  The Poem reads:

"Let lovers breathe their sighs and roses bloom and music sound.
Let  passion burn on the lips and eyes and pleasures merry world go round.
Let golden sunshine flood the sky and let me love or let me die."

Marilyn Monroe was dead two months later and JFK was dead 6 months later.

Indeed reality is stranger than fiction and this kind of illustrates that the candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long... 

Martin Luther King Rolex Yellow Gold Datejust

Martin Luther King work a Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust and in the future we will be taking a much closer look at this wonderful man.

Jacques Cousteau Wearing his Rolex White Gold Day-Date

Jacques Cousteau, the Marine Explorer, Ecologist, Filmmaker, Scientist, Photographer and Researcher was an amazing human being.

We are going to be going much more into depth on the Jacques Cousteau Rolex Collection in the future, but here is an image of Jacques Cousteau wearing his Rolex Day Date. 

In the future I hope to find a photo of Jacques Cousteau wearing a Stainless Rolex Submariner.

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Rolex of the Day: Masterpiece Ruby and Diamond Ladies Datejust...

This Ladies Rolex Masterpiece watch has always been one of my favorites with its stunning array of rubies and diamonds and mother of pearl dial.  Granted this watch is over the top and not for every woman, but it is stunningly beautiful.

The History of Time in Movies...

One of the most famous images of early cinematography is of Harold Lloyd hanging on for dear life in the movie "Safety Last" which was released in 1923. 

Since then seeing clocks and watches in movies has increased, but it all started with this image.
Why?  Because men have only really been wearing watches on their wrist since the 1920s.  Prior to that all watches were pocket watches.