Saturday, January 25, 2020

Grammy Awards Special: Michael Bublé


The 2020 Grammy Awards are Sunday Jan. 26 at 8:00 p.m. ET, and Rolex Testimonee Michael Bublé has been nominated for a fifth Grammy. I'm a big fan of Michael Bublé. I love his voice and rat-pack style—and his signature suit and tie. Just pure class.

The Canadian singer, songwriter, actor and record producer has been nominated for Best Album in the Traditional Pop Vocal category for his album "Love."

Bublé is successful today but struggled for 10 years to make his dream into a reality. After countless nights singing in front of little more than his family and friends, Bublé’s breakthrough finally came. Upon the success of his first album, his record label offered him a Rolex watch, which he came to see as a measurement of his hard work and dedication to reach his dream.

"When I look at my watch today I see a measurement of my success. A measurement of the hard work, the dedication, and some luck, but also a combination of years and years of people believing in me, and me never quitting on myself — that’s what I see. I see the son of generations of fishermen who could never believe that they would ever have something like this in their possession in their lifetime."

"To be able to have something to hold in your hand that you know you have because of everything you did is a great feeling, it truly is. It is a tangible example of what can happen if you never quit and you put in those hours. And you never, ever accept the word no."

Michael Bublé wears the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona in Platinum with ice-blue dial and chestnut brown bezel, reference 116506. 

Bublé is not just a Rolex Testimonee, he is truly a fan who wears his Rolex everywhere. He creates memories with his Platinum Daytona whether on stage...

... or while being inducted to the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

...or casually hanging out with his son.