Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Sir Malcolm Campbell Set's 300MPH Speed Record on Daytona Beach 1935

...Rolex Speed Kings...

Sir Malcolm Campbell

Set's 300MPH Speed Record on Bonneville Salt Flats 1935

I was just tripping on this Sir Malcom Campbell Rolex ad from 1935, which is part of my story named "The Complete History Of The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph." 

Chuck Yeager

First Person To Break The Speed Of Sound Barrier

More than a decade before Chuck Yeager set the all-time speed record for level flight, when he broke through the sound barrier in 1947, Sir Malcolm was breaking one land-speed record after another, and one thing both men had in common, was they both depended on their trusted Rolex Oyster watches to keep their time. Does Campbell's Bluebird look like the modern Bat-mobile or what?

Both Chuck Yeager and Sir Malcolm Campbell depended on their Rolex watches as pure tool watches. 

Stan Barrett

First Person to Drive Faster Than The Speed of Sound

44 years later, in 1979, Stan Barrett broke the speed of sound barrier on land when he drove his Budweiser rocket car into the history books @ Edwards Air Force Base, where 32 years earlier, Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound barrier in his X-1 Airplane. 3 Men. 3 Speed Kings. 3 World Records. 3 Rolex watches.