Thursday, September 08, 2011

All New "Orange Hand" Rolex Explorer II Arriving In Stores World Wide

The Return of
The Orange Hand
Rolex Explorer II

Arriving In Stores World-Wide!!!

Rolex showed off the all-new "Orange Hand" Explorer II at BaselWorld earlier this year, and it was a huge hit!!! People all over the world have been waiting for it to go on sale, and over the past week the watches have been hitting shelves in Rolex Authorized Dealers world wide. As a congratulatory expression, I am publishing for the first time, this vintage Rolex Explorer II ad that features Jean-Claud Killy sporting an original Orange Hand Explorer II.

Here are photos of the all-new Rolex Explorer II with a black dial and white dial, which are currently arriving in Authorized Rolex Dealers world-wide. The retro design language from these new watches come from the original "Orange Hand" Rolex Explorer II as seen in the Jean-Claude Killy Rolex ad seen above.

To learn everything about this amazing new watch, you can check out my prior coverage of the all-new Explorer II.