Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Quest For The Best: Solar Powered Homes...

The Quest For The Best
U.S. Department Of Energy
Solar Decathlon 2009

Solar energy technology is amazing and it keeps evolving. I don't understand why they don't make it a law in the U.S. (or in all countries for that matter) that all new home construction should be required to be solar powered!?! In this recent Solar Decathlon contest in the U.S. Capital of Washington D.C., Team Germany won with this incredible design.

Speaking of Solar innovation, I don't understand why they don't cover the entire surface area, including the underbelly of cars with solar skins? The car would literally charge while you were driving it, or when it is parked!!!

The Solar Decathlon is a competition between international college teams to design and build the most aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient, effective solar powered house. You have got to watch these videos!!!

You can learn much more about the U.S. Department Of Energy 2009 Solar competition by clicking here.