Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rolex LV Submariner customized with a Black Bezel...

Black LV Submariner
Maxi-Markers Are Mucho-Macho

A reader just posted a comment in this post asking where they can get a black bezel insert to replace the green one on a first generation LV Submariner? It is pretty easy to find one. I think just about any watchmaker can get one and swap it. Just to be clear, the watch below in an LV Submariner, which originally came with a green bezel insert. People prefer the LV over the standard older Submariner, because it has Maxi-Markers and fat hands. Maxi-Markers are bold and Macho ;-)

If you think you want to get an LV and learn how to swap the colors, it would be much easier to purchase a bezel insert with a bezel and swap the entire bezel. Swapping bezel inserts is a pain, but swapping bezels is much easier.