Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The Return Of Jake's Rolex World Podcast

The Return Of 

Jake's Rolex World Podcast

I am happy to announce that Jake's Rolex World Podcast is back! Ironically, the last time Jake's Rolex World Podcast was published was back in December of 2008, which was 9 years ago! In this podcast, Danny and I talk about several stories, as well as the new Paul Newman Daytona combination I recently discovered. If you are not familiar with the podcasts I did in the past you can check them out on iTunes.

Show Notes

New Daytona Found:

The Corporal's Watch:

Hans Wilsdorf Video Interview:

Logan Paul Rolex:

Ayo & Teo Rolex:


1966 Playboy Rolex ad:

FBI Director Rolex: