Monday, April 14, 1997

Beyer Jewelers & Museum Celebrating 250 Years In Business: Zurich, Switzerland [Part 4 of 5]

[Part 4 of 5]

Rene Beyer is the current CEO of Beyer and his father, Theodor Beyer was a huge watch and clock collector and horological history expert. Theodor Beyer was a very lovable man and his nickname was Teddy Bear.

Teddy as his friends called him, put together a mind-boggling collection of significant historical clocks and watches which are part of the permanent collection in the Beyer Museum which is located under the Beyer store in Zurich, Switzerland. Theodor Beyer began collecting watches and clocks for the Beyer private collection in 1940 and opened the Beyer Museum to the public in 1971.

1573 Renaissance Table Clock

The renaissance clock below is dated 1573 and is from Augsburg. It is amazing to think this was made 425 years ago!!!!

1640 Renaissance Automaton "Griffin" Table Clock

The renaissance automaton "Griffin: table clock pictured below is dated 1640 and it is from Augsburg. 1640!!!! That is just amazing!!!

1860 Marble Vase Clock

The "Cupid" marble vase clock below was made in Paris, France in 1960 and as you see the design with the spinning discs is incredible. Back in 1860 people really got into these amazing works of mechanical art to tell time.

1770 Table Clock With Planetarium

The planetarium clock pictured below is an absolute work of art. It was made in 1770 in Paris.

1571 Renaissance Table Clock From Nuremberg

This next clock is really elegant. It was made in 1571 in Nuremberg. The fascinating detail is that none of these clocks were made in Switzerland, yet they all ended up in there. If I understand it correctly, the Swiss watch industry really didn't take off until after World War II.

1780 Clock In A Vase From France

This next clock design is really fascinating. It was made in France from Niderviller China in 1780. I love how simple the design of the spinning hour and minute hands are. It is interesting to note than in the world of 1780 there were obviously no computers are world wide web; no MTV, or TV in general. No radio. In the world of 1780 the clock was one of the few mechanical mechanisms people could enjoy.

1925 Silver Early Art-Deco Clock

This next clock is a great example of early art-deco with an enamel painting. This clock was originally sold by Beyer, Zurich as you can see the designation on the painting.

Beyer Altier

Beyer has advanced expert watchmakers on its staff that repair and maintain all the magnificent clocks, pocket-watches, and wrist-watches in the Beyer Museum as well as servicing watches for customers. In the photo below we see Rene (Seated) who is the head of the Beyer Altier. (Altier in English means a studio that repairs and restores.)

In the photo above, we see Rene working with a customer on repairing his antique pocket watch which is also seen in the photo below. This special pocketwatch plays music!!! Beyer also makes their trademark jewelry in their Altier where they have a staff of 10 dedicated fine jewelry designers, goldsmiths, craftsmen and watchmakers along with apprentices.