Friday, February 02, 2024

2024 Rolex Market Update

...Rolex Market Update...

Rolex Still King of Premium... 

A larger portion of Rolex models than any other brand trade above retail. That's according to the latest data available by WatchCharts, Morgan Stanley. 

While Rolex commands premiums for the largest percentage of models out of all nine brands tracked by WatchCharts, Patek Philippe watches command the largest premium at +39%, compared to +20% for Rolex. The vast majority of pre-owned watches from brands outside of the Big Four are available at a discount. 

Still, at 68% of Rolex watches selling above MSRP on the secondary market, Rolex watches continue to be a good deal when bought at authorized dealers — though less and less as the trend has declined for the past three quarters.

...But High Supply Persists

 on the Pre-Owned Market 

On the flip side, total supply remains near all-time highs even for discontinued Rolex models... Will prices continue to drop? 

WatchCharts analyzed 90 Rolex models from three distinct generations, including discontinued models, and the analysis shows that total supply remains at or near all-time highs for all segments. Median age of Rolex inventory increased by 25% in 2023.

Supply evolution for discontinued and in-

production segments of the Rolex market

Total supply levels for discontinued five-digit-reference models has jumped +32% in the last three years (-4% YoY). Total supply levels for discontinued six-digit-reference models has increased by +55% in the last three years (-4% YoY). 

“Some dealers may still be holding out on realizing losses on older inventory purchased at higher prices,” WatchCharts cautioned in the report. “Which may put further downward pressure on prices in the future if the urgency to sell increases.”

Pre-owned inventory for current-production models saw the biggest jump over the past three years at +189% (+8% YoY). One thing for sure, the 2024 collection due to be released at Watches & Wonders on April 9 will inject some vitality into the market.