Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Apollo 14 Astronauts Prefer Pepsi GMT-Master

Note: I originally published this story on February 14, 2020, and since today marks the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 14 landing on the moon, I thought I would publish it again now. You can also check out my story from 2018 where I published my discovery that Apollo 14 Commander, Stuart Roosa wore a Pepsi GMT-Master.

50th Anniversary

Apollo 14 Astronauts

Prefer Pepsi GMT-Master

What's more fascinating than Apollo Astronauts? Apollo Astronauts wearing Rolex—of course! More than a decade ago I discovered a really crazy Rolex historical fact, and that is the fact that all three prime crew NASA Astronauts from Apollo 14 wore Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master watches not only as their personal watches, but also Stuart Roosa and Dr. Edgar Mitchell wore their Rolex watches to the moon. 

Alan Shepard in pictured below in between his fellow Apollo 14 crewmates, Dr. Edgar Mitchell (left) and Stuart Roosa (right) in front of the Apollo 14 at Cape Canaveral.

Philip Corneille is the publisher of Moon Watch Universe and he recently published some amazing photos that show Apollo 14 crew-members rocking their personal Rolex watches as seen below. Hodinkee recently published a fascinating story that featured Philip's response to 10 Questions.

NASA Apollo 14 Commander Alan Shepard pictured above on October 27, 1971 at the United Nations (Photo: AP/UN)

Below we see Dr. Edgar Mitchell who wore two different Pepsi Rolex GMT-Master models to the moon and wore them during his time walking on the moon.

NASA Apollo 14 Lunar Module Pilot Dr. Edgar Mitchell pictured in 1971 wearing his Pepsi GMT-Master he wore to the moon. (Photo: USN)

Back in November of 2018 I documented the fact that Apollo 14 Commander Stuart Roosa wore his Pepsi GMT during his mission.

NASA Apollo 14 Command Module Pilot pictured wearing his Pepsi GMT-Master (Photo: AP/UN)

So what is the significance of the fact that all three Apollo 14 Astronauts wore Rolex during their time at NASA as well as in their personal life? We will learn more in the future in an upcoming video documentary I am working on that is titled, Rolex's Conquest of Space.