Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The Lady Datejust

Update from Jake: Rolex just introduced a magnificent new campaign for THE LADY-DATEJUST titled THE AUDACITY OF EXCELLENCE, which made me realize I never really wrote a detailed article on this super-iconic Rolex model, so I plan to expand this article significantly until it is complete, at which time I will remove this notice.

Stunningly Gorgeous New Campaign Featuring Princes Grace

The Complete History Of 


The Most Iconic Women's Rolex

A Celebration of Audacious Femininity

Rolex has been a brand that has celebrated women's accomplishments from its inception, and this superb new Rolex video stands testament to that fact. I have always believed the highest level of existence a woman could achieve in life would be to be a lady, just as the highest level of existence for a man is to be a gentleman. 

I recently published the newly discovered Rolex Magazine Ad below which I am madly in love with, and in particular it is the coolest Rolex Lady-Datejust ad I believe I have ever seen. In the past I have written extensively about The Evolution Of The Female Rolex Archetype as well as How Women Began Wearing Men's Rolex Watches. In the not so distant future I will be significantly expanding these articles with some amazing undocumented history of women and Rolex.

So let's start back at the beginning.