Tuesday, January 03, 2023

1958 Rolex Submariner Brochure

1958 Rolex Submariner Brochure

This is such a cool find! I originally discovered this fascinating 1958 Rolex Submariner brochure back in June of 2019 which features the Reference 6536 and 6538, but the most exciting detail may be on the back page as seen in the last image in this story.

I say it may be on the last page because after careful reading I discovered a fascinating discovery! Notice at the end of the last paragraph in the section on the left with white background the second to last words says:

     "The SUBMARINER is a strong and reliable wrist-watch the importance of which has already been recognized by those concerned in sea-going or sub-marine activities." 

What is significant about sub-marine'? There has always been a debate about whether Submariner was pronounced Submeriner, or Sub-mariner? My take is that according to this brochure that back in 1958 it was pronounced Sub-Marine-ER. Also, on the cover of the brochure, as seen above it says "A watch specially designed for all SUBMARINE and aquatic activities." This would ad further support to the fact the proper name is pronounced Rolex Sub-marine-er, not Sub-marin-er!!!

(Update: Nick Gould sent me a message and pointed out: "Did you notice the brochure shows a 6536 with no depth rating? Also, the brochure says the 6538 was the more heavy duty version. Makes sense as the 6538 has a big crown.")