Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sir Donald Pleasence: British Actor 1919-1995

Sir Donald Pleasence

Nothing more fun on Jake's Rolex World than exploring James Bond Rolex History, so it is cool to check out Sir Donald Pleasence.

Sir Donald Pleasence had an amazing acting career, and he is best known for his rolex in Holloween and James Bond. Pleasence played the villian Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the 1967 James Bond Classic, You Only Live Twice.

As we see in the photo above and below, Sir Donald Pleasence wore multiple Rolex watches. They both look like Rolex Datejust models to me.

Donald Pleasence is pictured below in his role as James Bond's enemy, Ernst Starvo Blofeld in the 1967 film, You Only Live Twice. The Dr. Evil character in Austin Powers movies was based on the Blofeld character. Mr. Bigglesworth!!!

Donald Pleasence is picture below with Sean Connery who he costarred with in You Only Live Twice.

Donald Pleasence's career achievements are amazing, and he enjoys more than 200 screen credits from his career which spanned over four decades. He also played Mr. Flute in the 1958 TV movie, I Spy. He also starred in the movie Fantastic Voyage (1966), The Great Escape, Escape From New York (1982).

Dr. Evil Character from Austin Powers

The Dr. Evil character from the Austin Powers series was based upon Sir Donald's Character he played in the James Bond Movie, You Only Live Twice. The Doctor Evil character was played by Mike Myers, and his character was almost identical to the James Bond character.

Every detail was paid attention to, including the Mao Zdung-like Nehru Jacket, along with the cat, known as Mr. Bigglesworth.

The Austin Powers character, Dr. Evil is pictured below with his counterpart, Mini Me, from the second Austin Powers movie, The Spy Who Shagged Me. Before Dr. Evil was sent back in a time-machinge to 1969, his minions made him a clone. The clone was identical in every way but was "one-eighth his size". Upon being introduced to his clone, Dr. Evil immediately declared, "Breathtaking. I shall call him... Mini-Me".