Friday, May 31, 2019

Rolex The Swiss Inquisition

The Swiss Inquisition

For some reason, I really like this ad from the which is from 1966. It has this early LeRoy Neiman, slash–The Odd Couple was originally airing on TV, kind-of-vibe. 

It is also funny to note what a strong sense of humor Rolex had. This is night and day different compared with the Rolex ads of today. I enjoy vintage Rolex ads every bit as much as I enjoy the beauty of vintage Rolex Watches. BTW., don't ever forget, the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time ;-)

You have to love the end of this ad where Rolex says:

"So now you may begin to understand just how much trouble we go to in making each Rolex. Which is probably why a man like Red Adair fights oil fires while wearing his Rolex Day-Date. And why portraits of most of the worlds leading heads of state line a corridor in our Geneva headquarters, each one testifying that he wears a Rolex watch, too."

When Rolex mentioned, "And why portraits of most of the worlds leading heads of state line a corridor in our Geneva headquarters, each one testifying that he wears a Rolex watch, too." Rolex is specifically referring to the Rolex hallway photos from the ad and photo in this story.

Obviously, Rolex is referring to the President Of The United States, Lyndon Johnson, who wore a Rolex Day-Date while serving as President Of The United States. Actually, Johnson was appointed President in 1963, after JFK was assassinated, and he started wearing his yellow gold Day-Date in 1964, and wore it through the rest of his entire presidency, and continued to wear it proudly until he passed away.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Rolex Perpetual Planet Living Laboratory

Rolex Perpetual Planet

Living Laboratory

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Lume Shot Of The Day Sascha's DEEP-SEA Darkness

Lume Shot Of The Day

Sascha's DEEP-SEA Darkness

Monday, May 27, 2019

Glenn Campbell Belongs To The Ages...

...Rolex Super Coolness...

Glenn Campbell

Legendary Country Music Musician


Today is the unofficial first day of summer in the United States, which conjures up images of beach fun, barbecue and some good old-fashioned country music, so I thought it would be fun to take a look back at Glen Campbell who passed away a few years ago in 2017. Legendary Country musician and former Beach Boy, Glenn Campbell passed away at age 81 in Nashville, Tennessee. Glenn had an amazing career that lasted more than a half century, and he wore a Rolex Day-Date to keep the time of his life. Glenn Campbell unfortunately developed Alzheimers toward the end of his life...

Glen Campbell is pictured below in 1969 wearing a Rolex Big Crown Submariner.

Glen Campbell is pictured below on the cover of his 1984 album titled, "Letter To Home".

On the album cover below for Glen Campbell's album titled Arkansas, which was released in 1975, we see him proudly sporting his Rolex Day-Date with a champagne dial.

Glenn Campbell's daughter, Ashley Campbell posted the photo below on her Facebook page just after her father passed away and said:

"Heartbroken. I owe him everything I am, and everything I ever will be. He will be remembered so well and with so much love." —Ashley Campbell

It appears in the photo above that Glenn Campbell's daughter, Ashley Campbell is wearing his yellow gold Rolex Day-Date.

Below we see a video of Ashley Campbell and her father Glen Campbell in 2012 playing Dueling Banjos, with Glen on guitar.

In the video below we see Glen Campbell and Roy Clark playing 'Ghost Riders In The Sky'. Glen Campbell and Roy Clark were to of the best country guitar players in history.

Beach Boys


Glen Campbell (pictured below on the left) toured with the Beach Boys in 1964 and replaced Brian Wilson. 

Glen Campbell was a session guitarist for the Beach Boys, and he played on hits such as Fun, Fun, Fun, and Dance, Dance, Dance. He also played on Pet Sounds. Glenn Campbell is pictured below with Carl Wilson.

Glenn Campbell is pictured below on the far right with The Beach Boys. 

Beach boys lead singer, Mike Love, who is pictured below (second from the left) wrote on his Facebook page and said, "I've never met a more talented person in all the years we have been in the music business and never had a better time on tour than the time spent with Glen."

Glenn Campbell was good friends with Elvis Presley, and is pictured below with Elvis and Pricilla Presley.

In the video below which originally aired on May 25, 1981, we see Glen Campbell performing one of his biggest hits, "Rhinestone Cowboy", and he is wearing his trademark Rolex Day-Date.

In the photo below, we see Glen Campbell on State with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, during performance by the Highwaymen.

Update: I was talking to my good pal, Stan Barrett and he mentioned he read this Glen Campbell story and enjoyed it very much. He said he thought it was very thorough and comprehensive. Then he said, "But I think you left out a key video". I asked Stan which video that was, and he mentioned that it was the last song Glen Campbell recorded and it was called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You". Then Stan warned my and said, "If you watch the video it will probably make you cry." It did :-( 

Stan Barrett also mentioned he once met Glen Campbell back in June of 1964, which was just before Glen joined the Beach Boys. He recalled that Glen Campbell was a really nice guy and mentioned that he recalled that Glen really began his career doing demos for songs.

Vintage Rolex Green Malachite Dial Day-Date

...Rolex Studio Shot Of The Day...

Vintage Rolex Day-Date 
Green Malachite Dial 

In the 1970s and 1980s Rolex went crazy making all kinds of fascinatingly beautiful Rolex Day-Date and Datejust models with very colorful exotic dials, and the watch pictured below is no exception. The green Rolex dial is known as a Malachite dial, which is very cool looking.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Mr. Wonderful-Kevin O'Leary

A Rolex Shark

Mr. Wonderful

Kevin O'Leary

I originally published this story on Kevin O'Leary back on November 18, 2018, but Mr. Wonderfull just published an AMAZING video as part of a seriew named "Mr. Wonderful On Watches" which can be seen below this photo! In this episode Mr. Wonderful goes into great detail on The Best Investment Watches You Can Buy!! (Special shout out to Nick Gould for pointing out this video)

Rolex Dayonta on a Red RubberB

The aforementioned ABS-CBN story pointed out, according to a 2015 story that O'Leary owns a huge collection of more than 30 watches. The ABS-CBN article quotes Shark Tank superstar, Kevin O'Leary as making the profound point to his audience at ANC's Leadership Forum last Monday: 

"This asset class (high-quality collectable watches) outperformed everything in the last 5 years, growing at least 400 percent."

During the ANC Leadership Forum Kevin O'Leary was wearing his stainless steel Rolex Daytona on his Red Rubber B Strap paired with his skull cufflinks as seen in the photo above and below, which appear courtesy of ABS-CBN. Kevin O'Leary was the headliner for ANC's Leadership Series for the fourth year in a row.

The ABS-CBN article quotes Kevin O'Leary as saying: 

"Now, everybody's into collecting watches because the appreciation is phenomenal! It's just one of those crazy asset classes and you get to wear them. That's also good."

"I like competing. I like kicking ass. I like being successful. The monetary rewards are interesting and I buy all the watches, that makes it more interesting."

"Every time I close a deal, I buy a watch and I remember that deal with that watch. It's always great to remember the deal with the watch".


Several days ago I published a story about Robert Herjavec who is one of the six members on Shark Tank, so I thought it was fitting to share this story on one of his fellow sharks, Kevin O'Leary. Kevin O'Leary is commonly referred to by his nickname of Mr. Wonderful as he typically very skeptical and cynical in the way he hazes participants on Shark Tank. Kevin O'Leary is pictured below wearing his two-tone Rolex Submariner.

A few days ago Nick Gould from Quill & Pad pointed me to this Instagram post from Kevin O'Leary that features his new stainless steel Rolex Daytona on a red RubberB strap as seen below. 

Kevin O'Leary is known for wearing watches on red straps, which is kind of his trademark. I wrote an article a couple years ago on Jake's Panerai World about Kevin's Panerai PAM000219 which is seen below.


Kevin O'Leary is one of six sharks on Shark Tank, as we see below from top left to bottom right: Daymond John, Mark Cuban, Roger Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, & Lori Greiner.

So it looks like Kevin O'Leary is back to Rolex, which he put on his trademark red strap and it looks great. Below is another photo of Kevin wearing his two-tone Submariner.

Kevin O'Leary is pictured below with his friend and fellow Shark Tank member, Daymond John as they enjoy some O'Leary wine.

I could not help but notice in the video above on Good Morning America, that Michael Strahan was wearing the exact same stainless steel Rolex Daytona that Mr. Wonderful showed on his Instagram post.

Story Update: I originally published this story on September 15, 2018, and usually I would not update a story so quickly but I came across a superb article on Kevin O'Leary that was published on November 15th, 2018 by ABS-CBN that offers significant insight into Kevin O'Leary's love of watches.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Rolex Studio Shot of the Day: Amanico's Pepsi GMT Master

...Rolex Studio Shot of the Day...

Amanico's Pepsi GMT Master

Amanico is an amazing Rolex photographer. He has taken some stunning images and this is definitely one of my favorites for several reasons. Amanico's Pepsi GMT is a Rolex Reference 1675 and in my opinion the 1675 with Maxi-Markers is one of the coolest and most timeless vintage Rolex watches.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

...The Greatest Guitarist Superstar Of The 1970s... Peter Frampton

...The Greatest Superstar Guitarist Of The 1970s...

Peter Frampton

An Amazing Career with Rolex Keeping His Time

Peter Frampton is arguably the greatest Rock Guitar playing Superstar from the 1970s. He is pictured below in a recent photo wearing his trademark stainless steel and platinum Rolex Yacht-Master. Many people today still consider Peter Frampton to be up there in the pantheon of the greatest guitarist, along with Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

Peter Frampton's first blockbuster album was titled, "Frampton Comes Alive", was released in 1976, and we see its album artwork below.

In 1977, Peter Frampton released his second mega-hit album titled: "I'm in you", which we see the album artwork from below. 

In the photos below from the 1970s, when Peter Frampton was at the height of popularity and fame, we see him wearing his two-tone Rolex Datejust.

The music videos below showcase Peter Frampton's greatest hits from the mid to late 1970s.

Sgt. Pepper's

Lonely Hears Club Band

1978 was a good year for Peter Frampton, and he stared in with the Bee Gees in the remake of the Beatles Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and as we see in the photos below, Peter was sporting his Rolex Datejust.

In 1978, Peter Frampton also played lead guitar of the title song for the movie Grease, which stared John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Grease was written by Barry Gibb for the movie. While on vacation in the Bahamas Peter Frampton almost died in a car accident. In the photos below we see Peter Frampton in 1980 rockin' his two two-tone Rolex Datejust.

David Bowie

Never Let Me Down

Peter Frampton was old friends with David Bowie and in 1987  he joined David Bowies band and played lead guitar on Bowies song titled Never Let Me Down.

The MTV News Video below is fascinating as it shows David Bowie and Peter Frampton wandering the streets of Barcelona in Spain looking for a Pub to have a pint of beer.

The full length David Bowie concert below is amazing and features Peter Frampton playing lead guitar while he wears his Rolex Datejust.

In the photo below we see Peter Frampton playing with fellow legendary guitar player, B.B. King, who also famously wore a Rolex.

In this next image we see Peter Frampton hanging with fellow British legendary rocker, Ringo Star.

Peter Frampton is pictured below with singer songwriter and fellow rock legend, Billy Joel who appears to be wearing a Rolex Day-Date on his 70th birthday earlier this month on May 9, 2019.