Friday, December 19, 2008

Rolex Appoints Bruno Meier C.E.O.

Rolex Appoints Bruno Meier C.E.O.

The Rolex board of Directors appointed Finance Director Bruno Meier as the new Chief Executive Officer of The Rolex Group. Bruno Meier will be replacing Patrick Heiniger on the first of January 2009. Mr. Meier has been the CFO of Rolex for 3 years.

The Mod Squad...

The Mod Squad

Leo (The Idle Swede) is pictured below with. James Dowling is one of the most knowledgeable Rolex experts on earth and co-author of The Best Of Time–Rolex Wristwatches. James Dowling is also a moderator on Timezone's Rolex modern and vintage Rolex forum.

Leo sent in this photo from a GTG of himself and James doing schtick with their name-tags. Leo said this photo reminded him of the photo below this photo of James Dowling with John Mayer because in both, they were pointing at each other.

Leo (The Idle Swede) with James Dowling

Leo told me that he was goofing around with switching his name tag and then James Dowling joined in the fun, which explains why Leo's (pictured on the left) name-tag says "James Dowling" and James' (pictured on the right) says Dave Knoll. Dave Knoll is another Timezone moderator, as is Charles Newgas. GTG's are fun and you never know what to expect next.

James Dowling and John Mayer