Thursday, November 17, 2022

Hodinkee Rolex Daytona Reference Points...



Rolex Daytona Reference Points

Hodinkee's brilliant senior editor, Danny Milton, is joined by Rich Fordon who is Hodinkee's Vintage specialist, as they walk through the AMAZING history of the super-iconic Rolex Daytona. I HIGHLY recommend watching this SUPERB overview of the Rolex Daytona:

In the past I published an article named "The Complete History of The Rolex Daytona Cosmograph", that covered many aspects of the Rolex Daytona History. Also, Nick Gould published his epic story titled "Rolex's Road to Daytona...Rolex Racing Champions...The Evolution of The Rolex Racing Revolution", and I  have two anecdotes to add to what they discuss:

Point 1: The Rolex "COSMOGRAPH" designation that appeared on early Daytona models, made its debut on the Rolex Triple Date Moonphonase, and Rolex later repurposed in for the Daytona.

The following excerpt is from my story named "The Complete History of The Rolex Moonphase". It is interesting to note that in Rolex's advertisement the ref. 6062 was referred to as the 'COSMOGRAPH'. 

Point 2: I have been working for some time now on a dozen books that cover the entire Rolex history arc, and one of my books focuses on Rolex's Conquest for Speed, and covers the history of the Rolex Daytona. In the upcoming volume I will share previously undocumented insight on the origins of the Rolex Daytona, which is mind numbing!!! I plan to start rolling out my 12 volumes next year, with Volume 1 dropping in late Q1 of 2023, with each following volume releasing on a rolling quarterly basis, which means I expect to publish the final volume in Q4 of 2025.