Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Article Titled "GMT & World-Time Watches." has an article which you can view by clicking here, titled GMT & World-Time Watches and they say "The archetype is the Rolex GMT-Master II, which was originally engineered for Pan-Am Pilots in the 1950s and 1960s." The article points out the significance of being able to keep track of time in two different places simultaneously.

Since the article did not show the Pan Am GMT Master, I thought I would share a few shots with you that Marlon took of his utra-rare white dial GMT Master. On Jake's Rolex Watch Blog we refer to this rare combination as a Vanilla Pepsi. As the folklore goes, Rolex developed the GMT Master for the Pan Am pilots with the standard black dial, and for the executives they developed a rare white (silvered dial) as seen in Marlon's photo below.

Time Machines Movie on Watch Collection & Obsession

Time Machines Movie
Watch Collection & Obsession

This is a really funny and interesting movie you can watch for free online by clicking here. Note that you HAVE to put in an email address in order to watch the film–although you don't have to put in your email address.

The LUXURY channel presents a movie named "Time Machines" which kind of has a Benny Hill funny vibe to it. I mean this as a compliment and they could have titled the movie "WISitus Sufferers."

The movie is accurate but I will point out that they refer to a Rolex 1655 orange hand as a "Steve McQueen" model, and this is a false association since Steve McQueen never wore a Rolex Explorer–Steve wore a Submariner [Reference 5512]. I do find it strange that people who are supposed to be experts on Rolex are perpetuating a false myth, but that detail aside, the movie is fascinating and excellent overall. You can learn all about Steve McQueen's Submariner by clicking on the Steve McQueen Rolex Collection link below this story in the Labels section.

Note: Notice the jumbo coffee cups on the table in the photo below. I think people who suffer from WISitus like to get all hopped-up on caffeine and talk about Rolex ;-))))))))))

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