Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Miami Vice Monday
Season 1 [Episode 2, Heart Of Darkness]
Original Air Date: September 28, 1984

Just like last week, I am doing Miami Vice Monday on Tuesday. I had to wait until today because there were too many other things going on yesterday.

I am in a really awkward position I am going to share with you. If you are a regular reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog you know about Flipper Friday and I Spy Saturday, in which we are examining each episode to see the Rolex watches and to explore the other history including fashion, social moires, and historical content and context.

In many ways, I find the history behind Rolex watches to be just as interesting as the watches themselves. Last week I posted a photo of Don Johnson from Miami Vice wearing a two-tone Rolex Datejust. Marrk, who is a reader of Jake's Rolex Watch Blog commented on the post and said he thought many of the early episodes of Miami Vice were very good and worth watching including the pilot.

I had only seen several episodes of Miami Vice in my life back in the 80s–probably because I was too busy chasing girls ;-)

After Marrks comment, I watched the Pilot and was blown away at how well done the show was and I was equally stunned at how many Rolex watches there were–so I decided to start Miami Vice Monday.

While I was finishing up the article with the screen captures, I started looking at the image below and I thought I saw something strange with the President bracelet, and in particular how the piece between the lugs which is part of the bracelet did not look right.

Then it suddenly hit me!?!?! I vaguely remembered somebody saying they may have used fake Rolex watches in Miami Vice. I was not certain if my memory was correct and then I spoke with Leo and he confirmed it was a fact.

Leo even told me about how he was on the set of Miami Vice and Don Johnson wanted to borrow Leo's yellow gold Rolex King Midas to wear in a scene where Don would be rolling over the hood of a car and they offered Leo $300 to borrow his Rolex. Leo declined because he did not want his prized possession to get goofed up.

Robert-Jan (RJ) from the FratelloWatches.com Wristwatchblog also pointed out Don Johnson likely wore fake Rolex watches as well.

This put me in a strange quandary!?! Do I cancel Miami Vice Monday or keep it going? I decided to keep it going, at least for a while and here is why: I think it is valuable to understand the fake Rolex dynamic. I personally don't like looking at or even discussing fake Rolex watches because I think they are so stupid, but I understand they exist. I think that in many ways the huge fake Rolex market has significantly increased Rolex's mindshare with the international consumer.

As I mentioned earlier in this story, and many times before, I like to explore the story behind the story so for at least a while I will keep exploring Miami Vice. Also, Miami Vice had AMAZING music and excellent acting...

Rolex Wrist Shot of the Day: Omani Swords Sea Dweller

Omani Sea-Dweller

The dial on this very interesting looking Rolex Sea-Dweller [Reference 1665] has the emblem of the Sultanate of Oman which is a sheath over two crossed swords. These very rare watches were made in 1972 and given to the SAS (Special Air Service) regiment soldiers from the Sultan of Oman.

Photo Credit: Cortez Ramon