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How the CyberTruck design may have been inspired by a Paul Newman "Big Red" Daytona?

CyberTruck Launch 

How the CyberTruck design may have been inspired by 

Paul Newman's "Big Red" Daytona?

Four years after Tesla founder, Elon Musk and lead designer, Franz von Holzhausen originally showed off the Tesla CyberTruck, they finally delivered the first models to customers at a special event held at Tesla's Texas Gigafactory, where they are being exclusively manufactured.

Beginning Friday before last, which was Black Friday, in anticipation of the official product launch which occurred this past Thursday, production Tesla CyberTrucks models began showing up in key Tesla stores around the United States, many of which are located in malls. The image above shows a Tesla CyberTruck being driven through the mall in order to get it to the Tesla Store and notice it went driving by a Rolex authorized dealership.

Over on I just completed a super-detailed article all about the launch of the Produciton model of the CyberTruck which is pretty fascinating

 Franz von Holzhausen 

Tesla CyberTruck Designer

Rocking a Paul Newman "Big Red"

The lead Tesla designer, Franz von Holzhausen not only designed all the existing Tesla models, including the Model S, 3, X, Y, as well as the CyberTruck is perhaps most famous for having thrown a steel ball, the size of a tennis ball at the CyberTruck at the launch event four years ago, and much to his surprise, cracked the special glass that was supposed to be unbeatable.

A while ago, I could not help but notice Franz von Holzhausen was rocking a Paul Newman 'Big Red' Paul Newman Daytona [Reference 6263] as seen in the photo below on his wrist and I wrote a story about his Daytona as well as Elon Musk's Datejust.

The screenshots of Franz rocking his stainless steel Paul Neman Daytona were taken from the fascinating video interview below:

Franz's 'Big Red' Daytona (pictured above) appears to be identical to Paul Newman's Reference 6263, which begs the question of whether he was the person who bought Paul Newman's second Rolex Daytona that came to auction

So what if anything does Franz's Daytona have in common with the CyberTruck he designed? It's hard to say exactly, but as a fellow designer I could not help but wonder if Franz's CyberTruck design was inspired or informed by the design of his stainless steel Rolex Daytona?

After all, Paul Newman's 6263 Daytona and the CyberTruck have a great deal in common, beginning with the fact that are moth made primary from stainless steel. When Rolex originally debuted the Daytona back in the early to mid 1960s, it was considered to be an unusually large and sporty watch. 

Interior of CyberTruck features user definable multicolor RGB LED accent light strip which is pictured above in red, which matches Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona [Reference 6263] which is pictured below.

Paul Newman's 6263 Daytona was accented with a black dial, and matching black bezel insert, along with white subdials—just like the CyberTruck has black accents. So basically, they were both big, bold, sporty designs that were initially highly polarizing, while offering an unusually rugged build quality, with unbreakable glass. Also both are considered icons of modern design. The more I think about it, the more I realize how remarkably similarly uncanny the color and material vibe is between Paul Newman's 'Big Red' Daytona and the Franz's CyberTruck!!!!

Paul Newman's Holy Grail Rolex "Big Red" Daytona picture above. This model of Daytona was nicknamed by collectors "BIG RED" as the "DAYTONA" dial designation is bigger and bolder red than on any other Rolex Daytona models. It was gifted to Paul Newman by his wife Joanne Woodward in 1983 as a gift to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

If you are interested, you can learn much more and see all my coverage of Tesla's CyberTruck Launch over on JAKE'S TESLA WORLD.

The One More Thang 

If you made it this far, chances are you are probably totally enjoying the launch of the CyberTruck, and I saved the best for last. The review of the CyberTruck below by Hagerty is by far and away the single best review, and the second video is where he discusses the making of the review and shares some shockingly profound insight on the CyberTruck.