Monday, May 08, 2023

Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen from Tesla wearing Rolex...

...Rolex Super Coolness...

Elon Musk

Tesla & Rolex Connections

    I was talking to a friend of mine who is a serious Rolex expert and we were talking about how we were both in complete awe of Elon Musk's achievements. My pal said, "It's too bad Elon Musk never wore a Rolex, did he?" I agreed, and then he said, "Elon seems like he would be the kind of man who would wear a Rolex." 

I responded by saying "I agree, and I have spent a lot of time studying photos of him, but unfortunately I never discovered evidence that he wore a Rolex :-( Then several weeks ago, much to my surprise, I FINALLY discovered multiple photos of Elon Musk rocking a Rolex.

The reason why it took me so long to discover photos of Elon Musk wearing a Rolex is it appears he wore a Rolex Datejust 30 years ago, back in 1994 when he was attending Queen's University college.

After I wrote this article, I later discovered a photo of Elon at Space X headquarters in California, taken in 2004, standing in front of an early Space X rocket, wearing his Rolex Datejust as seen below.

I have a funny anecdote to share with you. I was talking with our Captain Danny, and I shared my discovery with him that I had found images of Elon Musk wearing a stainless steel Rolex Datjust back in 1994, and I showed him the photos. Captain Danny said "Nice! Elon and you looked alike when you were young" and he included the images below of me, which was interesting as I responded to Captain Danny and said "I noticed that as well."

The photo below of me was taken when I was around 18, back in 1984, and I was rocking my stainless steel Rolex Datejust on a Jubilee bracelet, whereas in the photo above of Elon Musk clearly shows he was wearing his stainless steel Rolex Datejust on an Oyster Bracelet.

Elon is 5 years younger than I am, and I am proud, yet embarrassed to admit it, but I joined Twitter before Elon did... Obviously Elon is probably the most successful man in human history, and if not, he is certainly in that pantheon. Captain Danny included both the image above and below when he said Elon and I looked alike when we were younger. In the photo below taken in San Francisco in 1999 I was rocking my Coke GMT-Master.

Nick Gould discovered a photo of Elon Musk rocking his Rolex where we can finally see the face of his watch, and to my eyes it looks like he is wearing a Rolex Datejust, Thunderbird model as seen below.

Update on May 13, 2023: David is a fan of Jake's Rolex World and he sent in the two photos below along with a nice message:

Gday Jake

David down in Melbourne , Australia here. Thank you for the wonderful reading over many years that you have supplied. I've been on your blog since you started.  You recently had a story on Musk wearing a Rolex . I watched a doco the other day about him and noted an oyster bracelet but cannot determine which model rolex he is wearing. The video is low res unfortunately. Attached is two screenshots. The best I could get I’m afraid. Thanks again for all your work.



Back on April 8, 2022 I discovered the lead designer at Tesla, Franz von Holhausen rocking a vintage Paul Newman Daytona, so I thought I would add that story here.

 Franz von Holzhausen 

@ Giga-Texas launch April 6, 2022

Rocking a Paul Newman "Big Red"

I was working on a story for showcasing the Tesla Keynote for Giga-Texas and I think I discovered Tesla lead designer, Franz von Holzhausen rocking what certainly appears to be a vintage Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Big Red!?!! Assuming I made a correct positive ID, I wonder if he owns the Paul Newman's Daytona #2 that Paul Newman actually wore?

The video below is of Elon Musk's keynote for the launch of the brand spanking new Tesla Giga-Factory which is completely mind-boggling!!!!

I might be wrong, but Franz's watch sure seems to have all the telltale characteristics of a vintage Daytona...

For frame of reference I am including a photo discovered by Nick Gould on the cover of The Sunday Times Magazine of Paul Newman rocking his Rolex Daytona Reference 6263.