Monday, May 06, 2013

Rolex Launches Facebook and Pinterest Pages

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Rolex Get's Really Social
Rolex Launches Facebook and Pinterest Pages

In my last post, I covered the amazing all-new website that Rolex launched at the beginning of BaselWorld. As I mentioned, the new is not a facelift, but a complete reinvention, and Rolex also launched a Facebook Page as well as a Rolex Pinterest page. Rolex also had a significant update on its Rolex YouTube Channel.

I think it is interesting Rolex chose to launch a Pinterest Page, but not a Twitter page. You can go directly to the Rolex Facebook page by simply clicking on "The Rolex Facebook Page" located in the bottom of the left hand corner on

It seems like in one fail swoop, Rolex completely reinvented its online presence which took them from the middle of the class straight to the front.