Monday, November 07, 2022

I Couldn't Help Myself!?!! Is Pedro, Jared Kushner!?!!


I Couldn't Resist!?!!

Pedro is Jared Kushner Doppelgänger

Every time I would look at the awesome picture of Pedro from my story titled "Live Photos of the All -New Titanium Rolex DEEPSEA CHALLENGE...In the Wild Shots from Around The Web", I kept thinking 'Man, Pedro looks familiar!?!!' Then I figured it out!!! He is Jared Kushner's Doppelgänger/Look-Alike Twin!!! 

Then, for some reason, when I would look at Pedro's photo, the superb song, 'Ooh La La' by Goldfrapp would start playing in my head, so I decided to string it all together in my first really silly Instagram Reel/Meme. For some bizarre reason, when I watch the video with the music playing, on loop, I find it to be transfixing...Believe Me!, Believe Me!