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Rolex Moon Watch...Apollo Astronaut Jack Swigert Wore His GMT Master Pepsi on his trip to the Moon...

Rolex Moon Watch

Apollo XIII NASA Astronaut, Jack Swigert gave Rolex executive Rene-Paul Jeanneret the watch he wore when he flew to the Moon and back and he wrote an inscription that reads:

"To my longtime friend Rene' Jeanneret who enabled me to always be on time, with sincere thanks." –Jack Swigert

Rene-Paul Jeanneret was a highly influential, innovative and ultra-creative Public Relations Director at Rolex Geneva during the 1950s & 1960s.

It is not easy to read, but in the upper right hand corner of the display below it reads: "This watch was flown to the Moon on Apollo XIII, April 11-17, 1970."

Photo Credit: James Dowling's Rolex Wristwatch Book

Photo Credit: NASA Archives

You can see Astronaut Jack Swigert wearing his Stainless Rolex GMT Master Pepsi above at the NASA pre-launch breakfast for Apollo XIII. This photo is from the NASA archives and has the following caption "Jack Swigert at breakfast on launch day. 11 April 1970." 

Also you can see Jack Swigert wearing his Yellow Gold Rootbeer GMT Master with the Jubilee bracelet below. The NASA Caption reads "Jack Swigert poses with a LM model. December 1971."

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Rolex Explorer II on a Kevlar Sport Strap with Cyclops Date Lens Removed... ...

PSAN from Denmark took these shots of his Stainless Rolex Explorer II with a black nylon sports strap and I can't believe how cool it looks.

Note that PSAN removed the Cyclops Date Magnifier Lens which contributes to the streamlined look.

It is amazing how many great looks you can achieve with a Rolex if you are willing to experiment creatively. I think in a way the nylon sports strap looks much cleaner, elegant and cool than a NATO!?!

You have got to click on these images to see them close up!!!

People keep asking me where they can buy this really cool black Kevlar sports strap? You can find it by clicking here [unaffiliated link]. PSAN suggests getting a 21mm wide strap for 20mm lug width to ensure a snug fit.

Photo Credit: PSAN

The Guardian Of Time...The Rolex Blue Parachrom Hairspring...

I have to admit that it is absolutely amazing how much I have been learning about Rolex by writing and researching the design history of Rolex. Somebody once said that when one teaches–two learn, and that is extremely true here.

To be candid, I was never really that interested in the mechanical side of Rolex watches. I just thought they looked great, were timeless in design and very sturdy, but I am becoming fascinated with how they work mechanically.

Even though I publish this blog, and may know more than the average bear about Rolex, there is much more that I don't know. I am careful not to put my opinion forth as fact if I do not know it to be, but I think I am beginning to understand the Blue Parachrom Hairpring and its major historical significance.

This is pure speculation on my behalf, but I think when Rolex decided to bring back the Milgauss they put the new Blue Parachrom Spring in it because it is antimagnetic and helps the watch keep even more precise time. I say this because the Milgauss was the first watch to get the Blue Parachrom Hairspring.

Everybody seemed to be suprised when Rolex started putting it in many of their new models including the Daytona, GMT II and Explorer II. It seems to me that Rolex decided that since it keeps the best time that it should be in all their watches. I may be wrong with my conjecture, but that is my best guess.

Rolex shares the detail of this amazing design way better than I ever could–in the brochure below. The Rolex Brochure points out that the actual diameter of the Blue Parachrom Hairspring is only 1CM. Amazing!!! Just Amazing!!!


A watch is only as precise as its oscillator is regular. Conventional oscillator hairsprings are made of ferromagnetic iron-nickel-chromium alloys, leaving them vulnerable to magnetic fields and shocks.

After five years of research, Rolex created the blue Parachrom hairspring.

Crafted from paramagnetic niobium-zirconium-oxygen alloy, it is not affected by magnetic fields and is 10 times more resistant to shocks. Its unique blue color is the result of expanding the layer of oxide at the surface by about 50-100 nanometers for long term-stability. Historically, bluing the hairspring has been a sign of prestige reserved for only the most accurate timepieces. Today, it guarantees the accuracy of your Rolex.

Rolex Datejust Turnograph Thunderbird with Presidential Bracelet...

Photo Credit: Antiquorum

Rolex GMT Master Bezel Colors...

Photo Credit: The Lone Ranger

Rolex Yellow Gold GMT Master II with Black Ceramic Bezel and Matching Black Dial...

This is a very good looking watch!!!

Rolex Lume Shot of the Day: Rolex LV 50th Anniversary Submariner...

Ben Affleck in 2002 Wearing a Stainless Rolex GMT Master II

Custom Rolex Daytona Dial...

This is a Rolex Daytona that has a customized dial.

In the 1970s and early 1980s it was common for Arab countries to create custom dials for their soldiers watches like this example.

Watches with these dial are rare and typically command a big premium. This watch in particular looks really cool with the eagle logo on it.

I know John Mayer, the ultra-talented musician collects Rolex watches with with customized dials...

A Custom Rolex...

Amir of Qatar Rolex

The portrait on the dial of this custom-made Rolex is of the former Amir of Qatar whose name is Sheikh. Khalifa Al Thani.

This photo is of a Rolex watch sold by Christie's Auction house.

I find this Rolex watch to have very interesting design language and I think it looks very, very cool.

One of the details I noticed on this watch is that under the Rolex Crown on the dial it says Rolex and then it says "Geneve."

I think that would mean the "Geneve" seal which is the highest Swiss Certification a watch can have. I don't recall ever seeing the "Geneve" seal on a Rolex before? Most Patek Philippe's have the "Geneve" seal.

Vintage Rolex GMT Master Pepsi in Motion...

Legendary 49ers & Stanford Football Coach, Bill Walsh wearing his Trademark Yellow Gold Rolex Day-Date...

Rolex Macro Shot of the Day: GMT II Ceramic

American Football Quarterback and Legend: Joe Namath Sporting His Trademark Two-Tone Rolex Datejust with Jubilee Bracelet...

Rolex Red Submariner With Bezel Removed...

Ever wonder what a Rolex Submariner looks like with its Bezel removed from the Oyster case?

Here it is Naked...

Rolex GMT II Ceramic Two-Tone Beach Shot...

Rolex Wrist Shot of the Day: Milgauss GV

This Rolex Milgauss GV is looking sharp...

White Gold Rolex Daytona with Exotic Blue Stone Dial..

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Definitive Rolex Series: Pussy and James, His & Hers Rolex Watches From Goldfinger...

Sean Connery and Honor Blackman played James Bond & Pussy Galore in the epic James Bond movie, Goldfinger, but what many people don't know is that they both wore Men's Sport Rolex Watches in the movie.

As a matter of fact Pussy Golore's character wore a Rolex GMT Master (Reference Number 6542) and James Bond wore a Rolex Submariner (Reference Number 6538). Many Rolex collectors actually refer to these two watches by the names "The Pussy" & "The James Bond."

The Pussy & The James Bond

Hardoque from Germany is a big Rolex collector and he owns what he refers to as a "Pussy" and a "James Bond." He took this amazing photo of his flawless mint-condition "Pussy" and "James Bond" side by side as seen above.

Tip: Click on all the images in this story to see close up detail on the Rolex watches.

In the movie Honor Blackman plays a lipstick lesbian who is Goldfinger's personal Pilot. When James first sees her he tries to seduce her and she tells him she is not into men. James of course ends up seducing her in the end.

In the photo above and in the two photos below we get a very clear shot at seeing Pussy's Coke Rolex GMT Master (Reference 6542).

One of the profound historical events in this movie is that it represents the first time a woman ever wore a Man's Sport Rolex in Film History. Today it is very common for women to wear men's Rolex Watches, and it all started here.

Next we move on to James Bond's Rolex Submariner on the NATO Strap. It is a Rolex Reference 6538, which is set apart from other Rolex Submariners because it has no crown guards and a Jumbo Crown & Maxi Markers.

In the beginning of Goldfinger James Bond starts out wearing his Rolex Submariner over his wetsuit. Then once he takes of his wetsuit he puts his Submariner on his wrist under his cuff.

When Sean Connery lights his cigarette he checks his Rolex Submariner to see when the bomb he planted will explode. This close up shot of his watch created generations of fans who wanted a Rolex Submariner because they saw the ultra-cool spy, James Bond sporting it here.

This photo below is not from the movie. It is a rare and candid shot of Sean Connery partying with Honor Blackman. Sean Connery seemed to love the ladies as much off screen as he did on screen.

The photo below is a publicity shot from Goldfinger:

This last shot is also a publicity shot from Goldfinger that shows Pussy initially resisting James Bond's advances.

If you want to see more photos of Pussy Galore wearing her Rolex GMT click here.

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