Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rolex Moon Watch...Apollo Astronaut Jack Swigert Wore His GMT Master Pepsi on his trip to the Moon...

Rolex Moon Watch

Apollo XIII NASA Astronaut, Jack Swigert gave Rolex executive Rene-Paul Jeanneret the watch he wore when he flew to the Moon and back and he wrote an inscription that reads:

"To my longtime friend Rene' Jeanneret who enabled me to always be on time, with sincere thanks." –Jack Swigert

Rene-Paul Jeanneret was a highly influential, innovative and ultra-creative Public Relations Director at Rolex Geneva during the 1950s & 1960s.

It is not easy to read, but in the upper right hand corner of the display below it reads: "This watch was flown to the Moon on Apollo XIII, April 11-17, 1970."

Photo Credit: James Dowling's Rolex Wristwatch Book

Photo Credit: NASA Archives

You can see Astronaut Jack Swigert wearing his Stainless Rolex GMT Master Pepsi above at the NASA pre-launch breakfast for Apollo XIII. This photo is from the NASA archives and has the following caption "Jack Swigert at breakfast on launch day. 11 April 1970." 

Also you can see Jack Swigert wearing his Yellow Gold Rootbeer GMT Master with the Jubilee bracelet below. The NASA Caption reads "Jack Swigert poses with a LM model. December 1971."