Tuesday, March 12, 2019

LV Submariner: Hanging in Hawaii

...Hand In Glove Shot Of The Day...

LV Submariner

Hanging in Hawaii

I took this wrist shot photo of my LV Submariner years ago when I was in a Hawaiian Jungle. Turns out it was a pretty cool Rolex Hand in Glove Shot...

SUBMARINER: Timepiece Of Inner Space


Timepiece Of Inner Space

The photos below are of a Rolex Submariner brochure from the early 1970s that fascinatingly refers to the Rolex Submariner as "Timepiece of inner space." Inner space is an antithetical metaphor to outer space.

If you look closely at the inside of the Rolex brochure pictured below, you will notice it features a classic stainless steel Single-Red Rolex Date Submariner [Reference 1680] with Maxi Markers. Notice it does NOT feature solid end links (SEL), but the yellow gold version next to it does feature solid end links. The yellow gold Rolex Submariner was the very first Rolex sports watch to feature SEL.

Also, notice the yellow gold Rolex Submariner dial features "nipple" indices with matching yellow gold surrounds, which are much smaller than the classic "Maxi" indices, also commonly referred to as "Maxi Markers." Modern Submariner indices, or markers, evolved from these models. So today the 2019 Submariner has Maxi Markers with white gold surrounds.