Friday, October 03, 2014

Introducing The All-New GoPro Hero 4 4K GoPro Arrives

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Introducing The All-New GoPro Hero 4
4K GoPro Arrives

The 4K Revolution is upon us. What is 4K? Some call it UHD, which stands for Ultra-High Definition. Some refer to it as 4K2K, which basically means resolution which exceeds 4000 pixels on a display device or video. In the simplest analysis, 4K, is the next major step after 1080P video. 

GoPro cameras have revolutionize the world of vide, and they are about to do it again with the introduction of their all-new Hero4, which shoots 4K video. The video below from GoPro shows just how amazing 4K footage captured with the new GoPro looks. 

Make certain that when you watch the video, you first click the play button in the middle of the video window, then click on the full-screen button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the video window, then be sure to click on the resolution box located in the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube window, and make certain you select the highest resolution option with is 2160P (4K). After it switches to 4K, I would restart the video from the beginning by clicking on the beginning of the red video timeline strip at the bottom of the video.

So what does this have to do with Rolex? Nothing! It is just really cool, kind of like the dude who appears in the GoPro video rockin' an iced-out Rolex Daytona while he drives his Lambo...Lookin' like he is too sexy for your cat ;-)

On a serious note, the new GoPro is a seriously revolutionary video camera, and the screen grab below is from the same amazing video, and the quality is just amazing!!!

By the way, the video begins with an Ausie saying "Life is either an incredible adventure or it is nothing at all." This is a play on Helen Keller's quote that "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!!!"