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Steve Wynn: The King of Las Vegas & his Rolex Day-Date...

Steve Wynn
The King of Las Vegas

Steve Wynn is more responsible for building modern Las Vegas than any other man, and he is an extremely talented designer and business man. As you see in the photo below, he wears a platinum Rolex Day-Date with an ice blue dial.

Steve Wynn pictured above in 2008. Photo by Laura Rauch appears courtesy of The New York Times.

The video below is AMAZING!!!!!!!! The speech Steve Wynn gives in this interview is one of the most inspirational speeches I have ever seen. I remember when I first saw it–Steve blew my mind!!!!!!!!!! I highly recommend you watch it.

This next video is of an earlier Charlie Rose interview of Steve Wynn which is also fascinating and tells more of the story of how he built his empire. I noticed if you close your eyes and listen to Steve Wynn speak, his voice often sounds like Ronald Reagan speaking.

Steve Wynn was recently interviewed again by his great pal, Charlie Rose on 60 Minutes, which I also recommend.

You can watch the video of Steve Wynn on 60 Minutes by placing your cursor over the image below and hitting the play button.

I had a chance to visit the Rolex Store at the Wynn Hotel earlier this year and I was blown away with how beautiful it was!!! I took some photos, and the first one below shows the Rolex Wynn & Company logo on the wall when you first walk in. The Wynn Rolex store had an amazing selection of Rolex watches and the employees were extremely professional and nice.

I took the photo below in the foyer at the Wynn, which was decorated to celebrate Chinese New Year. I must say The Wynn completely blew my mind with how beautiful and elegant it was. I have never seen such a beautiful hotel in my life. It was simply breathtaking!!!!


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...Rolex Presents... The History of The Open

...Rolex Presents...
The History of The Open

4-Part Rolex Golf History Documentary

Rolex recently published this 4-part video documentary on the history of The Open. It is so great to see Rolex producing these full-length video documentaries...

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Stefano Mazzario:l Macro Shot Of The Month

Stefano Mazzariol
Macro Shot Of The Month

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Rolex Coolness: John Mayer Supercase Stainless Steel GMT Master

Rolex Coolness: John Mayer
Supercase Stainless Steel GMT Master

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Thierry Stern CEO of Patek Philippe Voices Opinion of Rolex

...Patek Philippe On Rolex...

Thierry Stern
CEO of Patek Philippe
Voices Opinion of Rolex

Hodinkee recently published an interview of the CEO of Patek Philippe, Thierry Stern. If you are not familiar with Patek Philippe you should visit Jake's Patek Philippe World. Essentially, if Rolex is the Mercedes-Benz of watches, Patek Philippe would be the Rolls Royce of watches.

Theirry Stern, said he "respects Rolex a lot" and went on to say:

"The quality of Rolex is fantastic, and to keep that so high making as many watches as they do is incredible. I would love to see the Rolex factory, but they never let me in!"

I hope the top brass at Rolex reads this and extends an offer to Theirry to tour their facilities, and visa versa. I would love to see Rolex and Patek Philippe collaborate together in the future. I think Patek Philippe should make special complicated Rolex watches for Rolex.

Theirry Stern is pictured below with his father, Philippe Stern.


Rolex used to make really cool complicated Rolex watches, like the yellow gold Rolex Triple Date Moonphase [Reference 6062], pictured below. Rolex, it is time to get back into making beautiful complicated watches again. Time to re-discover your magnificent legacy...